Mum who had sex while breastfeeding defends herself in awkward TV interview.

Mummy vlogger Tasha Maile has once again tried defend her declaration that it’s OK to breastfeed while having sex, and once again she’s struggled to convince.

The US-based YouTube star was labelled “creepy” and “incestuous” by viewers of the 2015 video in which she said she’d slept with her ex-husband while nursing her eldest son.

But in an uncomfortable interview on British daytime show, This Morning, Maile this week said she still upholds there’s “nothing bad” about doing both at once.

“Being an adult about the conversation: the baby was sleeping while breastfeeding and – again being an adult – I think we all like sex,” she said. “It’s totally fine.”

When pressed by host Holly Willoughby about whether she would feel the same way if the child was awake, the mother of three said, “If the baby is OK, they’re not judging you and thinking ‘My mum and dad are having sex.’ It’s a two or three-month-old baby. They’re so innocent.”

Via ITV.

Maile conceded she doesn't have sex in front of her five-year-old, whom she still breastfeeds, but said it isn't simply a matter of "right or wrong".

“If you’re having sex in front of your children and it feels good to be having sex in front of your children..." she said, before trailing off.

"I never talked about that in any of my videos.”

Baffled by the response, host Phil Schofield pressed, “Is it OK to have sex in front of your children?”

“Is it okay to kill someone in front of your children?" Maile responded. "Kids are watching the news all the time..."

In the original clip, which has been viewed more than four million times since September 2015, the spirtualist said she'd had a lot of people ask her if it was OK to have sex while breastfeeding.

“From what I remember, I remember sleeping with my ex-husband and my son was on me breastfeeding and we would have sex from behind or something," she said. "There’s nothing bad about making love at all, ever.”

Maile responded to the subsequent backlash via a May YouTube video.

"[The baby] was attached to me 24/7 and he was also using me as a [dummy] at night. So we ‘did it’ while he was sleeping on me," she said. "It had nothing to do with my child. My child was not in the act of what we were doing, if that makes sense. He was not involved in it."

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