Why this $59 Christmas tree from Target is causing a frenzy.

Christmas can be an absurdly expensive time for families, so when a good quality bargain arises, customers can go into meltdown.

This is what has happened with Target Australia’s $59 snowy aspen Christmas tree, which has caused a national treasure hunt to spring up across the country with only a few remaining in stores Australia wide.

The tree attracted social media attention via the the Target Mums Australia Facebook page, where mothers were sharing their decorated masterpieces with each other as well as posting some of the stores that still have these trees available.

Target Christmas Tree
Image via Facebook.
Target Christmas Tree
Image via Facebook.

Hannah Leech from Target told us: "The buzz on social media and reviews we have been getting across all our trees have been amazing and we love that customers are sharing their styled trees on social media this festive season."

The trees have been so popular that a number of buyers have put their snowy aspen trees on eBay for inflated prices before they've even used it themselves.

target christmas tree
This is...nearly triple the original price. Image: eBay.

So what exactly is all the fuss about? Well it seems it comes down to just how damn aesthetically pleasing the tree looks, combined with the humble price.

And, perhaps white is new green this Christmas.

"Our Christmas trees this year have been hugely popular with our snowy aspen tree being a massive hit with customers already" Hannah told Mamamia. "It’s the alignment of current trends, affordability and quality which we think makes this tree such a success."

"There are still some snowy aspen trees scattered in stores across Australia that are selling really quickly", she confirmed.

If you're loving this tree just as much as we are, but aren't quite sure you're willing to pay over double the original price or go hunting, then don't fear - there are alternatives available.

"For customers that haven’t get their hands on one, our $59 6 foot blue aspen tree has also been really popular and is a great alternative."


Happy shopping!