There's something very different about the Target catalogues hitting our mailboxes.

As families around the country prepare for the all-important back to school week, there’s something markedly different about the usual slew of catalogues hitting the mailbox thanks to Target.

Releasing their latest catalogue earlier this week, the spread includes images of people from all different ethnic backgrounds, kids with disabilities and a woman wearing a hijab.

Basically, it’s an accurate and inclusive representation of modern Australia, and people are seriously into it.

target back to school catalogue
Images from Target's latest campaign.

“Loving the diversity in the new catalogue! Good to see people of different abilities and cultural backgrounds in the new catalogue,” one parent wrote on the Target Facebook page.

“Thanks, Target. Being a mother of a special need child and being a hijabi this is so relatable. Keep it up,” another wrote.

"I would just like to say how proud and happy I am to shop at your store! I was reading your back to school catalogue and was delighted to see your support of children with special needs as models in this catalogue. As a primary school teacher it is so important to support and normalise children who are different!" another shared.  

target back to school catalogue
Images from Target's latest campaign.

Unfortunately, as is sadly to be expected, the campaign has also attracted negative comments, but fans have gone to great lengths to ensure their support is known. 

"Was absolutely overwhelmed with emotion seeing the diversity in your latest catalogue. You have no idea what this means to a lot of Muslims and people with disabilities who are made to feel excluded from society every day. Ignore the haters, what you did was an amazing move and i hope its not the last we'll see of it. thank you, thank you, thank you," one mum said.

target back to school catalogue
Images from Target's latest campaign.

Following the catalogue's release, Target wrote on Facebook, “We always aim to be inclusive with our advertising, whether it’s in relation to age, gender, ethnicity or people with a disability. We love the diversity which can be found in our customers and always aim to reflect this in our advertising.”

The catalogue follows in the footsteps of similar campaigns by Kmart, which as of last year, began including children with disabilities in all of their campaigns.

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