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There's one person Tara Pavlovic didn't want to see on Bachelor in Paradise.

Australia fell in love with Tara Pavlovic on Matty J’s season of The Bachelor.

While she didn’t get Matty J’s final rose, she kind of won all our bogan hearts in the process.

Now she’s back, sweating profusely, and tryin’ to find a new love interest on Bachelor in Paradise.

On the show, the 27-year-old is doing what she does best, making friends and giving everyone a good ole’ chuckle as they sit around the pool, sipping on cocktails and soaking up the drama sun.

But according to Genevieve Rota at Popsugar, there’s one person Tara definitely didn’t want to see in paradise.

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And that person is fellow Bachie alum and, erm, villain, Jen Hawke.


“Yeah, the only person I didn’t want in there was someone from my season and I don’t even like to use her name anymore,” she told the publication.

“I think everyone was on the same boat as me in terms of that. I think a lot of people were pretty much like, ‘We’re not doing it if she’s there’.”

In the introduction to the interview, Rota wrote “we can safely assume she [Tara] and Jen Hawke are not on good terms”.

Interesting. Very interesting.

In case you missed it, the nanny from Queensland was the hot favourite to win Matty J’s heart on last year’s season of The Bachelor.

And then, seemingly out of nowhere, she was sent home just hours after a one-on-one date in which Matty told her “nothing would make him happier” than staying in a moment with her forever.

Naturally, Australia was outraged, and viewers began leaving angry messages on Matty’s Instagram account in retaliation.

But alas, just days later, Tara assured the nation that she was a-okay, revealing she actually “really couldn’t give a s**t about Matty” and saying she was “never in love with him”.

We debrief on all the biggest talking points from PARADISE this week. Post continues. 

“I was fine as soon as I didn’t get a rose,” she told TV Week.

“Actually, he looked more upset than me!”

So far in paradise Tara has been-a-datin’ Michael Turnbull from Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette. She even gave him her rose during the first rose ceremony.

It’s also been rumoured she might now be seeing Davey Lloyd, who actually left paradise after just two episodes.

According to the Daily Mail, Jen is currently writing a semi-fictional book about her time on The Bachelor called The B*tchelorette.

Yes this is a thing that’s happening and we’re here for it.

The next episode of Bachelor of Paradise will air on Channel Ten at 7.30pm tonight. 

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