Tara Moss without make-up: Just as beautiful as Tara Moss with make-up.

Tara Moss has a brilliant mind, we know that. She’s a prolific author and a strident feminist. And that’s wonderful.

But let’s get superficial for just a minute here, without undermining any of that. She’s also a stone cold fox with a retro wardrobe to die for and a magical way with curling tongs.

Here’s her face with make-up (please note the epic retro curl on top of that lovely head):

And, because celebrities do this sometimes to remind us they’re human…

Here’s Tara Moss without make up (note the wispy up-do wave of hair on top of that lovely head):

Both. Equally. Beautiful.

Oh, and while we’re at it, here are lots of photos of her face:

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