Tara Moss is a Goal Digger.

Tara Moss makes me feel a bit tired, TBH.

She’s clever. She’s a towering, lipsticked powerhouse of a woman with a voice you could melt chocolate buds with. A former model. A journalist and TV presenter, best-selling author, and a UNICEF ambassador. She’s smashed out 11 books, is currently doing her PhD, and wrangles both her five year old daughter and her 100K twitter followers with aplomb.

Oh, and she can do a red lipstick and a winged eyeliner like it’s no biggie.

See what I mean?

When you look at her list of accomplishments it’s easy to feel like you’re Homer Simpson and she’s a beautiful smart goddess. Except the reason she is doing all these things is because of one small life motto she follows.

One very small thing that she does. Something a lot of us don’t do, and we probably should.

She sets goals. And then she just chips away at them. Slowly. Bit by bit:

Piece by piece, a day at a time. Because when you’re doing just an hour of writing/learning or reading daily, it can add up very quickly over the weeks and months. And before long, you have a Phd and sleek winged eyeliner of your own.

It’s the simplest of tips, isn’t it? Just chip away. Even if you do ten minutes a day of something, over ten days, that’s 100 minutes you’ve just dedicated to chasing after something you want.

Tara Moss and Holly Wainwright.

Tara told Holly Wainwright on the I Don't Know How She Does It podcast that everything she's achieved in life is done by just taking small steps. The key, she says, is being adaptable. Working smarter. And never trying to "do it all" at once.

How refreshing.

In the full interview, the blogger and fearless advocate for women explains why women need wives at home, how she let go of the domestic goddess myth, and why we need to be more flexible about gender roles so we can all achieve what we are setting out to do.

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