First pictures of Tara Brown and 60 Minutes crew emerge.

The future of the 60 Minutes crew being held in Beirut remains unclear after their case was adjourned yesterday.

The pictures are the first since the crew – which includes Tara Brown, Stephen Rice, Ben Williamson and David Ballment – and mother Sally Faulkner,were arrested 13 days ago.

Along with Faulkner, they are facing charges of kidnapping and being active members in a criminal gang. The maximum sentencing for the charges are three and 10 years respectively.

Tara Brown was seen in handcuffs, being escorted into a police car, looking exhausted and dishevelled.

But after an adjournment issued by the judge yesterday, they are set to spend at least another two nights in jail until their fates are determined.

The judge in the case, Rami Abdullah, said the adjournment was to allow for negotiations.

“It’s not a custody case my friend. They are charged with kidnapping two kids. It’s not a custody case at all,” he said.

The case is set to go before the court again on Wednesday.

Ali Elamine appearing outside court. Source: Getty.

Speaking to journalists outside the court, the father at the centre of the failed Lebanon child recovery operation, Ali Elamine, 32, said he plans to "charge everyone involved", but conceded that his two children Lahela, 5, and Noah, 3, want to be with their mother.

Attributing their desire to the naivety of childhood, Elamine told reporters, "They're kids, they always want what they don't have. When you take kids to a toy store they want the whole store."


After being questioned if he were open to the children returning to Australia, he admitted he was not "100 per cent sure about that."

Negotiations between Elamine and Faulkner were said to have ended.

Elamine has reportedly said that he refuses to drop charges against Faulkner as he believes it would lead to a domino effect and the scot free release of the 60 Minutes crew.

“The way they are trying to push for this is that if Sally goes out on bail, they all get out." Elamine said.

“That is how I am seeing it as an outsider... They are pushing for Sal’s release and everyone else gets a green card. (Channel Nine) dropped the ball by getting involved in family matters (and now) everyone is blaming the other for what happened.”

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop spoke to Channel 10's The Project about the operation on Monday night.

Bishop said her role was to assist those who needed help.

"I am in constant communications with my counterpart in Lebanon, to seek updates and make suggestions but there are legal proceedings under way, so I have to be careful about any public statements I make,” she said.

Mamamia has previously reported on Faulkner's attempts to get in contact with Minister Bishop's for assistance before the operation was launched.

The 60 Minutes crew were in Beirut to follow the story of Faulkner and her attempt to reunite with her children.

The crew were arrested after an alleged abduction attempt that saw the children snatched from their grandmother on the side of the road.

Watch the initial reports surrounding the arrest.

Video via Sky News