How an Aussie radio presenter's bottom got her banned from Facebook.

It’s been two years since Kim Kardashian’s bum broke the internet, but it’s only been a couple a days since Tanya Hennessy’s bum broke her Facebook page.

The radio host and comedian was shocked when a cheeky photo of her behind — unfortunately exposed by an ill-fitting pencil skirt — was removed from the social media site for violating community standards.

“I’m not really the ‘butt selfie Instagram’ girl. I’m more the ‘here’s something I bought at Valleygirl that doesn’t fit’ girl,” Hennessy wrote in a blog post for hit 104.7 Canberra, where she co-hosts the breakfast show.

The snap showed a teenie portion of her derriere poking out through the undone zipper of her too-small skirt on the way to a photo shoot.

Like so:

2016 got me like….. (let’s see if Instagram bans this one like FB did)

A photo posted by T A N Y A H E N N E S S Y (@tanhennessy) on

“In the change room I realise that I can’t wear undies with this skirt cause it’s freaking tight,” she explained.

“I proceed to pull, squeeze and contort myself into the skirt.”

Midway through she realised it had been a year since she last tried it on.


“From the back you could see my butt. However, from the front it looked fine and I thought ‘meh you won’t see the back in photos’ so I will leave it. I will cry in a bath about my weight gain later,” she said, diplomatically.

And she was right. Aside from some very The Block-vibes, the photo shoot itself went off without a hitch.

This looks like “Ryan and Tanya won The Block go to page 14 of New Idea to read more on the behind the scenes drama” @ryan.jon

A photo posted by T A N Y A H E N N E S S Y (@tanhennessy) on

But all was not well online and the original photo on her Facebook page was reported and removed.

“Seriously? If this offended someone, surely they were offended by Kim’s numerous butt pics too? So why aren’t hers taken down?” Hennessy asked.

“How many times have we seen a Kardashian butt online? Countless, Kylie had her butt out three times this week!

Kylie Jenner took a page out of her big sister's book earlier this week.

"So is mine more offensive cause I’m a size 14 and not perfectly edited and real?

"I never thought a cheeky Facebook post would make me so mad, but here I am, PISSED on a Tuesday. I’m also mad about the photo!"

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