Tanya Hennessy describes the moment she discovered there was a "hate" page about her.

Comedian, radio host and social media star Tanya Hennessy has recounted the self-esteem-crushing moment she discovered there was an online hate page about her.

In an interview with Stellar magazine, the 32-year-old said she learned about the page a few years ago when she was the host of a Hit 104.7 breakfast radio show in Canberra. The creator’s aim, she discovered, was to get her axed from the program.

Disturbingly, it was on R U OK? Day that the “awful” page was made. It was the same day that the host had opened up about her struggles with her listeners.

“I’d been talking very honestly about how hard it was moving cities, and how much social-media bullying affected me,” Hennessy told reporter Saskia Tillers.

“Then I found the hate page had been made in response to this.”

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But – of course – the trolls hadn’t kept their criticisms to her professional ability and had written comments Hennessy found “aggressive”.

“It was so mean and vulgar and scary. It felt so aggressive and personal, and the whole thing was just awful.”

Hennessy said she got through it will help from her boyfriend, Tom Poole – who she attributes as her source of confidence and self-belief – and her family.

However, as much as the YouTube star is known for her ability to poke fun at beauty standards and promote a healthy body image, she’s still working towards loving herself exactly the way she is.

“I really want to change the way I see myself. I don’t want to wake up every day and think about my body. I don’t want to waste any more f**king time on it. Life is hard enough without us beating ourselves up.”

Hennessy talks about all of this in her new book out this month, Am I Doing This Right? where she shares an A-Z of life lessons.