Thanks to this product, your at-home blow dry just got 10 times easier.

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As someone with out of control frizz-affected hair, there is nothing better than leaving the hairdressers with a fresh blowdry. It’s soft, shiny and makes me feel like I’m in a hair commercial.

The only problem? No matter how hard I try I could not recreate it at home. Until the Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Hair Brush ($39.95) found its way into my life.

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Anyone with curls/ is prone to knotty hair/ likes to brush their hair without ripping half of it out will be familiar with the original Tangle Teezer brush, which has quickly become a cult favourite of people with, well, hair. The Blow-Styling brush could very well go the same way.

There are two sizes available, so you can choose the right one for your hair length – which for people like me with long hair makes a big difference.

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Why is it so special? It's all in the teeth of the brush, which help to remove excess water from the hair shaft, allowing the hair to dry faster.

Also, the brush has been designed so as to allow the hot air to move freely around the brush (hello, less damage).

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You can follow exactly the same steps as you normally would when blowdrying your hair (or at least, how I do it anyway).

1. Divide hair into manageable sections.

2. Starting at just below the top, brush through hair holding the hairdryer nozzle firmly and close to the hair.

3. Slowly pull down and away from the head, taking care not to pull.

4. Repeat over head and finish off with a hair oil to seal the cuticles and add shine.

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Having used it a few times now, I can attest that those extra minutes saved are especially helpful in the mornings - I can now afford to press snooze twice and still get to work with lovely, swishy hair.

And of course at night, it's much nicer to be able to straighten my hair straight away by blow drying rather than having to wash it, dry it curly and THEN straighten it as had become my routine.

Channelling my inner hair model. Image supplied.

I know for a brush it can seem a little expensive, but I've definitely found it worth it - especially considering that it would probably cost you around $30 each time to have it professionally blow dried.

Although basic, for someone as uncoordinated as me, it's made something that I previously would never consider become at least a weekly habit.

And needless to say my "hair commercial flick" has never been better.

Do you struggle blow drying your hair?