The bloody good new 'Thrift Shop' parody every Aussie woman needs to get behind.

Ok, Australia.

We’ve spoken about the tampon tax before.

We’ve talked about its absurdity, and its inherent sexism, and how much money Australian women are wasting each year.

Until today, I thought we’d had a pretty good yarn about it. Covered all the bases. Put forth an argument it was almost impossible (despite the continued pig-headedness of politicians) to ignore for long.

But as it turns out, there was something missing.

Enter ‘Drip Shop’, the outrageously excellent parody of Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ masterminded by the University of Queensland Law Revue.

With lines like “Your grammy, your aunty, your mama, your mammy, all the ladies bleed from our fannies, we need some pads on that motherf–ker”, it appears this video is the next necessary (and hilarious) step towards abolishing the tampon tax.

Image via University of Queensland Law Revue.

Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the men in power argue against two guys dressed up as tampons and drinking blood.

(Yeah, just watch it. Trust me.)

The video's writer/director Nicki Murray, a fourth year law student at UQ, hopes this will be the ice-breaker to spark (finally) national action on the tampon tax.

“If you want to change people’s minds, if you want to get them to pay attention, you have to make them laugh,” Murray said.

You can sign the petition to remove the tax on tampons by clicking here.