The innocent question that sparked a torrent of abuse.

And in today’s example of how how hard it is to be a woman on the internet, we have the story of Jessica Valenti, who had the audacity to ask a question about tampons on twitter.

Valenti is the founder of feminist website Feministing, as well as a columnist for The Guardian. A few days ago, she sent out what she assumed was a fairly innocuous tweet about the cost of tampons:

Fair enough question, right? WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Cue massive twitter troll attack.

Valenti compiled the whole saga in a Storify post:



So, basically, the moral of the story is: If you are a woman and you would like to talk about woman-related things, the internet has no room for you. Take your hairy legs and burning bra and talk about the cost of tampons somewhere else.



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