Tammy Hembrow was planning a fairytale wedding. Then the internet turned on her.

If you've ever planned a wedding, you know just how stressful it can be. From selecting a venue to deciding what to wear, everything piles up and transforms into a daunting task that feels impossible to manage.

Now, imagine adding a media frenzy to the equation, where every choice you make is scrutinised not only by complete strangers who won't even be at your wedding but also by official media outlets.

That's exactly what happened to influencer Tammy Hembrow and her fiancé Matt Zukowski.

Watch: Tammy Hembrow is engaged to Matt Zukowski. Post continues below.

Video via Instagram.

ICYMI, Tammy and Matt's wedding quickly became a hot button topic after their invitation was leaked online. Beyond being a major security risk, given that Tammy has over 17 million followers on Instagram alone, it also gave people the chance to go over it with a fine-tooth comb.

The invitation included two seemingly normal requests: parents with children were asked to leave their kids at home (the couple even offered to arrange babysitting) and for those who wanted to bring a gift, there would be a wishing well on site.

Shortly after the invitation was leaked, major media outlets and social media users branded Tammy and Matt as greedy, claiming the pair were asking for donations to fund their wedding. 


Certain headlines also took aim at the fact that the wedding was child-free, since Tammy herself is a mother of three kids.

"That’s a bit rich! Tammy Hembrow asks for donations for her wedding to Matt Zukowski despite her staggering estimated net worth… and reveals the event will be CHILD-FREE," read one headline, referencing Tammy's $50 million net worth. 

The noise got so loud that Tammy was forced to jump on TikTok and clear the air.

@tammyhembrow GRWM whilst we chat crazy headlines using my fave @MCoBeauty ♬ original sound - Tammy Hembrow

"You guys might know that recently my wedding details were leaked online accidentally. This has caused a few issues for me. I have had to change a lot of the details because we want it to be very private and it’s been a bit frustrating," she said in her latest 'Get Ready With Me' video.

She addressed the rumours claiming she's asking for donations ahead of her wedding: "I don’t even know what to say about that. 

"That’s not true at all, I’m not asking for donations at my wedding, this is for my family and friends. They wrote this article about the fact that we had a wishing well. I think it’s a pretty normal thing to have at a wedding and we only had it because people kept asking about gifts.

"I also saw that someone said we would be expecting $3000-$5000 per person. That is ridiculous."


Wishing wells are a common practice at weddings today, helping couples avoid unwanted gifts. The entrepreneur then addressed the outrage over the child-free policy at her wedding.

"Whilst we love your babies our wedding will be child-free," the invitation read. "Babysitting can be arranged upon request."

She acknowledged people's frustrations and confirmed that while her children will be present at the nuptials, she "wants the other adults to relax" as she knows "how stressful kids can be."

"Guys, you just really cannot believe these clickbaity headlines because they’re not true," she added.

Tammy and Matt are no strangers to rumours. Throughout their relationship, they've faced speculation about breakups and cheating.

However, despite the naysayers, the two are still going strong and are set to tie the knot after announcing their engagement last year. 

Feature Image: TikTok/Instagram.

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