Tammy Hembrow accidentally hired a fan as her nanny. Her son ended up in the emergency room.

Influencer Tammy Hembrow has shared a nanny story that starts with a bizarre lie and ends with her son in the emergency room (but ultimately, safe and healthy) and yes we’re listening. 

Hembrow, who has two children – Wolf, four, and Saskia, three – hired a nanny for a business trip to Los Angeles. It led to the “the worst day of [her] life.”

“It was my first time trying out a nanny, because I needed help with the kids. It was just me with them, and I have so much work,” the 25-year-old recounted in her podcast with her two sisters, Hanging with the Hembrows.

Hembrow, who shares the children with her former fiance Reece Hawkins, was in LA when the nanny began to cause issues.


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“For instance, she came inside one day and she reeked of cigarette smoke. And she had told me she wasn’t a smoker because I don’t want that around my kids,” the influencer, with an Instagram following of over 10 million people, said on her podcast.

“I was like, ‘You smell like smoke’, and she was like, ‘Oh, I quit for this job’. And it’s like, ‘Well, obviously you didn’t quit because you smell like smoke’.”

On top of this, the woman informed Hembrow while on the trip that she had a back injury and therefore couldn’t pick up Wolf or Saskia.


“I was like, ‘Well, you know I have two little babies who need to be picked up sometimes. Like, what? I wouldn’t have hired you’.

“It just kept getting worse and worse, and I was getting so frustrated.”

The bad experience culminated in a crisis at LAX airport. On their way home, Hembrow asked the nanny to look after Wolf and Saskia as she organised their passports.

A few minutes later, a man alerted her that her son, Wolf, had “blood pouring out of his head”.

As she scanned the surroundings, she couldn’t find either the nanny or Saskia. Just Wolf, by himself, with a bad injury to his head.

Tammy Hembrow kids
Tammy Hembrow and her four-year-old son, Wolf. Image: Instagram.

When the nanny returned, she claimed Saskia had ran off and she had to go find her.

"I was in a bit of a panic at that point," Hembrow recalled. "I was frustrated because I just saw all this blood, and I was freaked out a little bit. I was already a bit agitated, so I was getting a bit angry at her."

Hembrow had to take Wolf to the emergency room, meaning they would be missing their flight. But the nanny insisted on getting on the plane.

"I had six giant suitcases and two little babies, and all of a sudden, she starts crying, ‘I’m not missing this flight’."


Hembrow, who recalls being furious, told her to "just go".

"I literally screamed at her in front of everyone in the airport.  And then it was just me. I was trying to hold it together, but I could not at that point.

"I was balling my eyes out crying, I was holding Wolf's head with blood, Saskia was crying and I had six giant suitcases."

Tammy Hembrow kids
Wolf had to have his head "glued back together" after the ordeal. Image: Instagram.

In the emergency room, Wolf had to get the cut to his head "glued back together".

Hembrow says it turned out the nanny, who her sister Amy interviewed for the job, was really just a fan.

"I swear, all she wanted to do was hang out with me! She was a fan!" Hembrow said.

"She would get annoyed with me whenever I went to do something. I’d be gone the whole afternoon, and she’d be like, ‘Oh, I just wanted to talk to you and hang out with you’."

After returning home, Tammy and her sisters recall the woman bizarrely wanting to continue being a nanny for the kids.

Needless to say, Tammy fired her. And she is now adamant she will never hire a nanny again.

You can listen to the full episode of Hanging with the Hembrows here

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