Tammin Sursok and her husband have left behind their everyday life.

Actress and writer, Tammin Sursok, has done what almost everyone human being wishes they could do: taken a break from life.

With her husband, the Pretty Little Liars actress has spent the past seven days at the Golden Door luxury wellness retreat, escaping the chaos of day-to-day life.

After being at the retreat for just seven hours, Sursok posted to Instagram that she already felt different.

“So my husband and I are at our first detox spa [Golder Door] no kids, no tvs, group dinners robes instead of clothes, no alcohol, 5am hikes,” the actress wrote. “The thought was overwhelming and made me quite nervous. After spending our first 7 hours here I already feel different.”

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She then went on to question why we do the things we do, right from drinking alcohol to spending hours watching TV.

“It dawned on me that we are living in such a fast-paced world that we are losing out on our real interaction. We are drinking alcohol to feel better when in fact it makes us feel worse, we have stopped looking out at nature and spend our lives looking down on a device, watch mindless TV that doesn’t feed our soul, eat out for the convenience instead of sustenance because cooking takes too much time… What are we living for??? What are we rushing towards??…”

Just after 7 hours at the retreat. Image via Instagram

The 32-year-old also revealed what she got up to during an average day at Golder Door (which, is something we can only imagine doing).

Here we go!!! @thegoldendoor ???????????????? @officialseanmcewen1 @bottleandheels

A photo posted by Tammin Sursok (@officialtamminsursok) on Jun 20, 2016 at 7:59am PDT


In just one day, Sursok did everything from Vinyasa Yoga to a rhythm ride cycle, TRX, skincare, core express, enjoyed a massaged and ended with evening yoga.

Throughout her time at the retreat, Sursok shared more about what she was learning, including to see the "magic" in life.

Want to see what Tammin gets up to outside of this beautiful place? Images via Instagram.  (Post continues after gallery.)

"It's so crazy that you have to get away from 'connection' to feel connected. I did things I never thought I'd ever do and went deeper into learning who I am. Magic is everywhere."

"Magic is everywhere." Image via Instagram

On the last day, Sursok shared a beautiful selfie with no make-up, highlighting the effects the retreat has had on her.

Image via Instagram.

She wrote, "This is what [The Golden Door] does to your skin. No makeup. I wish I could always feel this good."

The actress, who has a beautiful little girl Phoenix, has previously written about the chaos her life can be, particularly after having children.

We're just hoping her peacefulness can continue just a little bit back into the real world.

You can read more of Tammin's compelling writing about being bullied, here and how she lost her identity as a mother, here.  

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