Tammin Sursok: "My husband keeps trying to have a baby with me everyday."

Former Home and Away actress, Tammin Sursok spoke yesterday about being a mum and about whether she’d be having more kids any time soon.

The 32-year-old opened up about her husband, Sean McEwen’s desire to have a big family.

“My husband keeps trying to have a baby with me everyday — well that what he says,” she told Channel Nine’s the Today Show.

Tammin Sursok and hubby Sean McEwan. Image via @officialtamminsursok Instagram.

The Pretty Little Liars star said her husband would love to have a lot of kids.

"He would like five kids," she told the TV show, before revealing that her first baby, Phoenix was four and a half kilos (10 pounds) when she was born.

“Of course he could have five kids, because he didn’t have to give birth to a ten pound baby," she said on the show.

See Tammin Sursok with daughter, Phoenix (Post continues after the video)...

Video via Tammin Sursok

Sursok and McEwan married in Florence in 2011, and are still very much in love today. Sursok posts many photos of her and hubby extremely loved up.

So in love. Image via @officialtamminsursok Instagram.

Sursok is a doting mum, posting many photos with beautiful captions of her daughter, Phoenix.

Beautiful Phoenix. Image via @officialtamminsursok Instagram.

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