Tammin Sursok talks about "having one more".

Life’s busy for Tammin Sursok.

The former Home and Away star has got her hands full running around after 21-month-old darling daughter Phoenix (who is just gorgeous, by the way); being a part owner of Bottle Pets, a brand that helps mums and bubs transition from breast to bottle; and running a production company Charlie Baby Productions with her husband.

Phew, we’re tired just writing that.

Is life going to get busier for Tammin Sursok and baby Phoenix? Image via Instagram.

So imagine her surprise when her husband Sean McEwen started dropping hints about having another baby.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the actress revealed, “My husband is asking every day… The timing is not right, right now, but at some point for sure. It's hard to find a balance between work and being a very present parent.”

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Just like millions of other mums, returning to work proved to be a challenge for Tammin. The main problem was transitioning Phoenix from breast to bottle. But this was soon solved once Tammin discovered Bottle Pets, a cute product that holds a bottle inside a cuddly teddy bear. It was a godsend for her. No wonder then that the actress soon decided to become a part owner of the company.

The next issue was Tammin’s post-baby body. We know what you’re thinking: she looks as svelte as ever. But Tammin reveals that her body has changed. As most mum's do.

“I still have areas that are not the same. Even for me I still have a little bit of weight in areas I'm not comfortable with. But you look at your child and think, 'Do I even care that much?'"

Tammin Sursok worries about her post-baby body.

We definitely don’t, Tammin. We think you look lovely as ever. In fact, we suggest you better listen to your husband’s suggestions and make some more beautiful babies together.

Going by your daughter, they will be perfectly precious.

Did you and your partner have different views on when you should have a baby?