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An "alpha" who is "extremely fussy": Everything we know about Tamara from Married At First Sight 2022.

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Married At First Sight is back and we couldn't be more excited: cue drama. 

The MAFS 2022 contestants are a pretty spicy bunch: a Texan groom, a pro-wrestler and a bride open to "stealing another groom".

But there's one person in particular that has caught the attention of viewers.

Tamara Djordjevic has most definitely lived up to her self-described "alpha personality" so far.

With this in mind, let's unpack who exactly is Tamara from MAFS: Here's what we know.

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Video via Channel Nine. 

Who is Tamara Djordjevic?

Tamara is 29 and an operations manager from Queensland.

She is a self-described "alpha" who is "confident, sassy and outspoken, and will tell anyone what she thinks of them".

And if we read between the lines, we all know what that means: *bring your popcorn*.

In a piece to camera, Tamara said: "I love being the boss. It's just naturally me. I judge everyone. I just meet people and I form an opinion."

We even saw Tamara having a heart-to-heart with her bridesmaid in the car before her wedding ceremony saying: "It's hard for me not to judge but I'll try."

Good on you, Tamara.


What is Tamara looking for in a partner on Married At First Sight?

During her MAFS introduction, Tamara said she was "honest" with the experts about what she wanted in her partner, adding: "I am used to getting what I want… I know what I want and what I deserve."

And really, it's important for us ladies to know what we want and what we deserve, so for that Tamara gets a gold star. 


But as for what Tamara thinks she deserves, it appears a lot of it is coming down to looks. "I'm extremely fussy. Average just isn't for me. I'm not average. I don't do average."

Hopefully for her groom, Brent, Tamara won't think of him as "average".

Seen in the trailer for MAFS 2022, on their wedding day, Tamara wasn't impressed with Brent or his table manners.

"His right hand was just stabbing at his food. He'll learn very quickly that I wear the pants in the relationship. You might like things one way and I like them the other way, but my way has to be the right way," she said in a piece to camera.

If only Brent saw Tamara's way as the right way too.


What can we expect from Tamara on Married At First Sight?

Over the years, there have been some dominant and determined contestants, but in 2022, it looks like Tamara may just outdo all of them.

As we saw from her wedding day, it's clear Tamara needs a groom who isn't intimidated by her desire to make all the rules and wear the pants in the relationship. 

But some insiders have suggested that Tamara isn't just an "alpha" and that perhaps she hurt some of the other brides' feelings. 

Listen to The Spill: Married At First Sight’s most dangerous moment. Post continues after audio.

"She was horrible from the get-go," an insider confessed to So Dramatic!.

"She is definitely one of the villains. She said [to the other brides]: 'If I don't like my husband, no doubt I will go for someone else's'. Instantly the brides were all on edge thinking they needed to watch their backs."

So Dramatic! has also reported that unlike last year's dumpster fire drama between Bryce and Sam, this year it's all about the brides. 

"The guys all get along with each other and had the best time. It was the wives who were not chill and did not get along. They create all the drama."

Time will ultimately tell!


Married At First Sight is now airing on Channel 9.

Feature Image: Channel 9 / Instagram/ @tamara__djordjevic__

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