Kyle Sandilands' ex-wife is making a comeback.

But you might not recognise her.

Get ready for a major flashback.

Part of the pop group Scandal’us which won the reality TV show Popstars in 2001 and married to “shock jock” Kyle Sandilands, Tamara Jaber was basically noughties gold.

Including her blue shimmery eye shadow.

Kyle and Tamara in 2005.(Image via Getty)

Now the 32-year-old is making a comeback with her new song Habits and the accompanying film clip is, ah, interesting.

The first line of the song reads: "I eat my dinner in the bathtub and go to sex clubs and watch freaky people get it on."

So yeah, you get the jist. There's a lot of writhing around in bath tubs and sucking on fingers, if that floats your boat.

A clip from Tamara Jaber's new song. (Image via YouTube)

Sydney-born Tamara, who now lives in Los Angeles with her rugby player/ investment banker boyfriend, says she is still good mates with Kyle after the breakdown of their ten year marriage.

She told Daily Mail Online, "We talk. I don't think we'd ever not talk to be honest but we are the kind of people that know each other's personalities and I don't really choose to hold onto sh*t.""

"It's just a waste of time for me. Bitterness doesn't suit suit me," she said.

Tamara and her boyfriend Aseme (Image via @tamarajaber)

And whether she approves of Kyle's new model girlfriend Imogen? She wishes everyone could 'just be happy'. 

Very diplomatic, Tamara.

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