So. This is what an $87,000 ball pit looks like.

Tamara Ecclestone,  daughter of former CEO of the Formula One Group, socialite, and star of reality TV series Tamara’s World,  has the perfect solution to any parent struggling with a Christmas present their child will truly adore and use.

DIY a ball pit.

Of course in this case ‘DIY’ for the British socialite means something more along the lines of: have a team of professional builders come in and remake your pool, steam, and sauna room, but for those without, we hear that a cheapo tent filled with play balls works just as well (inspired by this clever mum).

Winter is here

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In the first episode of Tamara’s World, Ecclestone and her husband, Essex bussinessman, Jay Rutland surprise their daughter with a stunning multilevel playroom complete with slide, jungle gym, and everything a little girl could want.


Her three year old daughter Sophie, was of course overjoyed, audibly shouting “I’m always asking for a ball pit!” running to the . Tbh we’d also do the same.

The playroom worth more than your house deposit. Images via ITV

According to the Daily Mail UK, an anonymous source said that the couple spent 50,000 pounds (roughly $87,000 AUD) on the play area, which they plan on "repurposing at a later date."

"It was her old swimming pool that they didn't use, so Tamara decided to turn it into a soft play area as Fifi loves it," they said. "She's always in there with Petra's [Tamara's sister] kids... If they want to turn it back into a pool, they can in the future."

LISTEN: Toys kids will love for longer than a day. Post continues after audio.

As can be expected, the reception to the playroom hasn't been... amazing, however it seems like Eccletsone isn't phased.

At the end of the advert, she says, "I live my life by the motto of go big or go home and I don't like to go home," which of course makes dropping 87 grand on a ball pit absolutely perfect sense.

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