The celebrity mum who feeds her husband breastmilk.

This celebrity has taken dedication to breastfeeding to a whole new level.

She’s the daughter of a formula 1 billionaire worth an estimated $4.2 billion, and is known for being the owner of 5 luxury prams, which she totes her daughter around in.

Tamara and her daughter Sophia with one (of her eight) prams. Via Tamara's Instagram.

But Tamara Ecclestone has just revealed something even more outlandish than owning a car park for buggies. She’s suggested that she slips “liquid gold”, otherwise known as breastmilk into her husband’s tea.

Tamara and her husband Jay. Via Tamara's Instagram.

Tamara, 30, explained in a documentary based on her and her real estate husband Jay Rutland's life, Seven Days With Tamara and Jay, that she was unable to drink at her birthday because she was still breastfeeding her 7-month-old daughter Sophia.

Tamara and her daughter Sophia. Via Tamara's Instagram.

“I'm not going to drink at all when I'm breast feeding. The thought of having to pump and then dump the milk...,” Tamara began to say, before Jay joked that the unusable milk could be used to his tea.

Tamara during her pregnancy. Via Tamara's Instagram.

Unexpectedly, Tamara replied, “You might have already had some! It's good for you. Look how much she's [Sophia] grown and how well she's doing.” An obviously shocked Jay responded, “Babe, if you're putting breast milk in my cup of tea I will kill you,” to which Tamara said, “If you don't know, why do you care?”

Tamara and Jay on their wedding day. Via Tamara's Instagram.

Still trying to digest the news, literally, Jay asked, “Have you been putting breastmilk in my tea?” Tamara who is an advocate of the benefits of breastmilk responds, “Look how well Sophia's doing on it! It's liquid gold!”

Tamara with her daughter Sophia. Via Tamara's Instagram.

Oh and if you're still gob-smacked about those prams, here's what Tamara has to say about them... "I am aware it is ridiculous, But a lot of them were gifts a lot of people came with prams to my baby shower. Then Jay's family bought some, then I bought some and, before I knew it, downstairs was like the car park of buggies."

Good rebuttal Tamara, good rebuttal.

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