Seven Year Switch spoiled Tallena's dream wedding dress. So she's selling it.

We met Tallena on Australia’s most controversial reality television show, ‘Seven Year Switch‘.

Tallena and her partner of two years, Brad, were engaged and due to get married in February. But Brad’s concerns that it would cost too much money meant that the wedding was postponed.

Tallena and her partner of two years, Brad. Image via Channel 7. 

As part of the program, the couples switched partners for two weeks.

The pair caused quite the stir late in the series, when Brad's temper was put on full display. Brad discovered that Tallena had shared a hot tub with her experimental partner Tim, and aggressively called their engagement off.

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Video by Channel 7

Viewers insisted that the couple were toxic together, and some went as far to accuse Brad of emotional abuse.

Today, Tallena has posted a picture of her wedding dress to Instagram with the caption "Original Wedding Dress For Sale! Donation will go to a charity!"

But it isn't for the reason we expected. Speaking to Mamamia, Tallena explained "I was devastated when I saw my dress on TV" . She said she was "unaware the dress would air before our wedding", and when she saw the episode she "burst into tears then and there".

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Tallena has decided that the money she makes from selling the dress should go to a good cause, so chose a charity particularly close to her heart, Beyond Blue.

As well as wanting to "help raise awareness for depression and anxiety", Tallena has fought her own battle with the illness. She told Mamamia that she has personally struggled with depression and anxiety for 10 years. Beyondblue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.     

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