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'I was filmed at a restaurant. Now 8 million people are laughing at me.'

Beverly Devakishen was writing an article about being “single AF” on Valentine’s Day. It was going to be a list of things to do by yourself in the town of Norwich, just out of London in the UK.

Her article needed pictures and, in the process of taking photographs at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant for the segment ‘Go to a restaurant and have deep conversations (with yourself)’, she and her co-worker Sylvie were caught by a stranger on video.

‘JUST EAT IT’ the stranger shared the video to social media. The two-minute clip shows Devakishen sitting in front of her food while Sylvie is taking photographs.

Next, it was picked up by men’s lifestyle publication The LADBible, who captioned the clip ‘Couple Refuses to Stop Taking Pictures of Food’.

As well as: “10 minutes later, and they’re still taking pictures…”

The video has been watched more than eight million times and the comments on the clip are ruthless.

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“Most comments are from outraged people saying things like, ‘This is why our society is f*cked up!’ and ‘I hate my generation’ and ‘What has the world come to?'” Devakishen wrote for The Tab after the video went viral. 

“Someone even compared us to Donald Trump.”

The most “offensive” segment, according to LADBible viewers, was when Sylvie went outside the restaurant to photograph Devakishen through the window.

"This was, according to many Facebook users, the worst part of it all." Image via Facebook.

"This was, according to many Facebook users, the worst part of it all," Devakishen said.

"That she actually had the downright indecency to go outside and take a picture, all for the purpose of Instagram or Facebook (apparently)! And me being the narcissistic one, 'posing' inside the restaurant."

Devakishen says she'll now sign autographs as 'narcissistic millennial'.

All this for an innocent article about singledom.