TAKE OUR MONEY: Your favourite 90s toy is back.


Year and years, I have been waiting for this announcement to come.

Apple have (at last) fulfilled all our childhood dreams and released a Tamagotchi app to iTunes. Shut up and TAKE OUR MONEY.


First released in 1996, the Tamagotchi, changed children’s lives everywhere when the egg-shaped toy hit the stores. For those who sadly missed out: they are virtual pets that users can raise from a baby to an adult.

Despite being initially designed so teenage girls could learn to raise children (urgh), Tamagotchis became the hallmark toy of the 90s. Famously, it happy danced after being played with and endlessly cried when hungry. And then? It *died*.

Now, for 99 cents anyone can rejoin the hectic, yet glorious fun of raising baby Tamagotchi on their phone. The app is also available on the new Apple Watch, in a “light version”.

This is how I felt about the Tamagotchi coming back. Happy dances everywhere.

Unfortunately, tech upgrades have meant the end of the classical 90s animation, and neither can users “play” with their Tamagotchi like before.

Oh well. It’s still back. My weekend is about to disappear.

Did you play with a Tamagotchi? What was your favourite toy?