The $21 foundation MAFS star Tahnee Cook rates for glowing skin.

From making headlines as the youngest bride on Married at First Sight to becoming a podcaster, brand ambassador, and content creator, Tahnee Cook has truly done it all — and picked up countless beauty tips along the way.

In a recent episode of You Beauty's 'In Her Bag' with Lucy Neville, Tahnee unzipped her makeup bag and let us poke around her beauty routine — including the miracle powder that saved her during MAFS filming and the affordable foundation she swears by for dewy, glowy skin.

Any guesses?

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"I'm a skin tint gal and will only really wear foundation when there's an event or I need a bit more coverage." Tahnee told Lucy. Her favourite go-to? "Kind & Free Tint by Rimmel. This is amazing."

It's also currently $19 in Chemist Warehouse, which makes it even more swoon-worthy!

"Before I found this, I would only wear Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation — it's discontinued now, but it was the best thing ever. I wore that in high school and then you couldn't get it anymore and I was like, 'What am I going to do?' Because I don't like switching up base products."

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"Then this came out and I love it. The colour match is perfect and it's just very buildable. If I was gonna do, like, a thin layer, I can do a nice 'no-makeup' makeup look. It's kind of glowy but you can set it down."

Now, as someone who uses (and loves) Rimmel Kind & Free Foundation (just read my whole review here) — I can totally attest to this. The stuff is good. It's lightweight on the skin, great for those who struggle with dryness (doesn't cling or go patchy) and just makes your skin look... better.

It's just a really solid everyday formula that doesn't cost a helluva lot of money.

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As Tahnee shared, "There's also actually a powder version of this if you want a more matte finish, and it's quite nice. I use the translucent powder — if you're on camera, you can't have dewy vibe because it doesn't always translate very well."

While we're not all on camera on the regular, a setting powder like this is particularly great for oily-skinned gals. The one Tahnee is referring to is Rimmel Kind & Free Pressed Powder 100 Translucent, $15.

"That was the one thing I really struggled with MAFS — I had to fully change my makeup routine because it just did not look good on camera. You only get your makeup done on the wedding day in your final vows, so you have to do all your own makeup."

And okay but that sounds STRESSFUL.

"And makeup for photos or TV or for video is so different from what I'd wear every day. While I'm usually a fan of 'less is more', for TV it's kind of like 'more is more'!

"I don't like having makeup on for an extended period of time either. So that was a big struggle for me, too. I had to figure out how to make my makeup last longer, so I was trying all these different primers. And I usually don't really prime — I'll literally use Go-To Face Hero or maybe a moisturiser because I like that glowy look. But you can't have that when you're being filmed because you look like you're sweating the whole time!"  

Have you tried this foundation before? What's your favourite? Share with us in the comment section below.

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