Sweaty boobs? There's a (rather ridiculous) solution for that.

How many times have you been lying around the house wishing there was a towel to keep your breasts moisture free?

All the time? Well, you’re in luck. The maker of the “Ta-Ta Towel” (yes, that’s its real name) has created exactly that. It’s a boob-sling made out of towelling worn around your neck and under each boob. If you’re having trouble imagining that, here you go:

The Ta-Ta Towel’s LA-based designer, Erin Robertson, markets them as the “patented solution” for “boob sweat”, going with the tag line: “Keep them high. Keep them dry”.

She says on her website that she came up with the product as a solution to a problem she’d found of sweat dripping down her stomach as she got ready.

“I didn’t want to wear a bra while I was getting ready or just lounging around the house. I wanted my “girls” to be free!” she writes.

Listen: Ever heard of boob thrush? It’s the very good reason why you should wash your bra more often.

We honestly don’t know what to think and here’s why: If you’re in a home (and surely you can only use this product at home) where there is no air con, you’re at risk of sweaty boobs, we guess. But if you plan to leave the house that day, you will eventually need to put a bra on, thus merely delaying the boob sweat. And if you have boobs small enough to comfortably with not wear a bra, then you wouldn’t need to wear one at home either.

However, judging by other people’s reactions on Twitter, (some of which we assume are genuinely impressed with the product) – and the fact that several of the styles and designs have sold out – it has some fans. So clearly, there is demand for this product.

We haven’t tried one yet either – and they do look pretty damn comfortable. Maybe this product isn’t so ridiculous after all…

Or maybe it is. But so is ripping your body hair out with wax-painted strips, or injecting poison into your face or squishing your toes into ten-centimetre stilettos. At least slipping your boobs into a towel isn’t going to hurt you.

The ta-ta towel retail price of $57 ($45 USD), plus $4.50 in taxes and $25 in shipping to Australia means the price of breezy, sweat-free boobs isn’t cheap. But if sweaty under-boobs have been the bane of your existence, then it might just be the best $86.50 you ever spent.

Would you try the Ta-Ta Towel?