Seven Year Switch's Jackie and Tim have finally shared the name of their newborn son.

Seven Year Switch couple Jackie and Tim may only have welcomed their baby boy into the world three weeks ago, but the pair are already feeling the stress of living with a newborn.

Speaking to New Idea magazine, the couple revealed they are sleeping in separate bedrooms already, with their new son causing “stress” and “arguments”.

Jackie and Tim say their three-week old son has caused "stress" and "arguments". Image via Channel 7.

"Since having the baby...having a newborn causes arguments. No sleep - it's stressful," 32-year-old Jackie said, despite maintaining their time on the controversial show had made their relationship "stronger than ever".


It's Tim, 28, who has been forced to swap rooms, due to his work schedule.

"I've got to get up early for work so it makes sense for me to sleep in another room...I've changed rooms," he said.

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The couple announced the birth of their baby boy three weeks ago, apologising to fans that the announcement came five days after his arrival.

"We are so sorry for the delay in sharing this news, but..........It's a BOY!!!!!" they wrote alongside a picture of a pair of blue baby sneakers.

Jackie and Tim - who announced they were pregnant on the show's finale earlier this year - have finally revealed the name of their son: Chadwick Wolf Naughton.

After announcing the birth of Chadwick, the couple said they were taking some time to "unplug" from social media and spend time with their little one.

Check out what the couple have been up to since leaving the show. Images via Instagram.