ROADTEST: 3 women tried 3 skincare products from Aussie brand Synergie Skin to see if it's worth the hype.

Synergie Skin
Thanks to our brand partner, Synergie Skin

The skincare world. It can be confusing. Daunting, even. And most of us will generally fall in one of two categories - those who stick with the same skincare products, hoping to eventually see a change, and those who purchase new and buzzy products because of all the hype surrounding them.             

And we get it! Gosh, we get it. The skincare market is noisy. There's so many claims! So many promises! Sometimes... you just want to know what *actually* works.  

Enter: Synergie Skin

The luxe Australian brand is determined to demystify the dizzying world of skincare (and actually deliver real results). We love to see it's a lady startup too, by skin scientist and author, Terri Vinson. 

The active skincare range was first developed for the professional market (think cosmetic medical practitioners and skin clinicians), and is now provided directly to customers. 

Meaning? We can finally get our mitts on all this science-backed goodness!

Wanna find out more about this hidden gem that's building a strong cult following? Of course you do! We all do.

That's why we asked three women to try three products from Synergie Skin to see their honest thoughts.

Laura, Synergie Skin UberZinc, $115.

I have been trialling UberZinc, which is Synergie Skin’s best-selling two-in-one moisturiser and sunscreen.

It contains 21 per cent zinc oxide which helps to not only provides sun protection but also helps to calm redness, minimise excess oil flow and promote healing in the skin.

As someone with drier skin, I wasn’t sure if this moisturiser would be for me, but I must say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. 

It is a thicker moisturiser like a zinc-based sunscreen usually is, but it applies easily with no white cast. It also doesn’t have that tacky or greasy sunscreen feeling and doesn’t clog pores at all. I love that it gives a gorgeous glow to the skin. 

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Some days, if my skin is a bit dry, it is more of a matte finish, but I just pop a little face oil on underneath and have had no issues with dryness whatsoever. 

What I loved about it is how calming it is. It has been helping to reduce my breakouts and calm the slight angriness from my breakouts. 

I’ve also been popping a little bit on the back of my hands because it gives sun protection for when I’m driving, but has also been helping to calm my eczema flare up thanks to all the additional hand sanitiser in my life. 

Image: Supplied.

While it is a UV protector, if you do have any irritation – from sensitivity to breakouts – it can also be used as an evening moisturiser to help calm skin.

Everything about it screams luxury. From the push-top packaging to the beautiful finish on the skin. It’s surprised me and I adore it. 

Image: Supplied.


If you do have any sensitivity or just want a moisturiser with added sunscreen benefits that you know will be caring for your skin, I can highly recommend this one.

Erin, Synergie Skin XCell B, $129.

As someone with wildly dull, dry, annoying skin, I couldn't wait to get Synergie Skin's XCell B formula on my face. 

To give you a bit of a background on this formula, this is the latest version of Synergie Skin's award-winning Vitamin B serum – and it's a total over-achiever in every sense.

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Featuring 21 per cent niacinamide, it has the highest percentage of niacinamide available on the market (no big deal!), and it promises A LOT of good things for your skin, including increased collagen production and hydration and decreased TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss).

It also features an antioxidant ingredient called superoxide dismutase (or SOD) which does all the heavy lifting when it comes to fighting free radicals, strengthening the skin barrier function (important) and boosting water-holding skin lipids.

This guy is basically your essential multitasking cosmeceutical, promising to address signs of ageing such as lines and uneven skin tone, for luminous, dewy skin.

Sounds good, right? So... does it deliver?

Okay. To be honest, the high potency of this product immediately made me feel very ~nervous~, because my skin tends to be on the sensitive/easily irritated side of things, meaning I usually try to stick to products with lower concentrations (and then complain to everyone that I'm not seeing results, etc.). 

However! I can honestly say I was surprised at just how gentle this formula was for something so potent. 

My skin felt comfortable, hydrated and plump after each use – and after slapping it on my face consistently for over a week (in the PM), I can happily say still haven't experienced a sniff of irritation or redness. 


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When it comes to the results, I had pretty high expectations. I've been familiar with the brand for years (I used to work in the aesthetic industry) and I know just how much research and innovation goes into these products.

And I was not disappointed: from the luxurious packaging, right down to the formula. I found the serum to be incredibly lightweight, and fast-absorbing – my skin literally soaked it up. Bonus points because it didn't leave behind that annoying, sticky residue. 

After using XCell consistently over the course of a week, I can honestly say my skin just looks and feels better for it. 

Just have a peek for yourself:

Image: Supplied.

Not only is my complexion noticeably smoother (cya, dry skin and flakiness), softer and more hydrated, but I've also noticed that the redness around my nose has disappeared. What's more, the fine lines around my eyes are less noticeable. 

And the glow! Goodness, the glow. Overall, my skin looks healthier, happier and more alive than it has in months (thanks, lockdown).

So, if you're looking for a great all-rounder serum that's suitable for all skin types, I can't recommend this powerhouse vitamin B serum enough.

I'll take ten, thanks.

Jessica, Synergie Skin Dermiotic Elixir, $69.

As I’ve always struggled with rosacea and sensitive skin, any product that mentions it targets redness, skin stress and irritation goes straight into my basket. So I was excited to start using the Dermiotic Elixir. 


I used the elixir twice a day in both my AM and PM skincare routine. After cleansing my skin I apply two to three drops, gently patting into my face and neck before following on with my other serums, moisturiser and SPF. 

My first application of the Dermiotic Elixir felt like that first dive into the water on a hot summer's day. There was an instant soothing sensation, which makes sense after reading the ingredients list. It's filled with niacinamide and aloe vera, which both are great ingredients to help ease redness and improve hydration. 

Image: Supplied.

My skin absorbed the elixir after about a minute, leaving my the face feeling fresh and glowy. It also worked really well with my other skincare and makeup products. 

After about a week, I started to visibly notice improvements in the redness in my cheeks and fine lines seemed more plump around my forehead area. I usually get a lot of breakouts around my jawline this time of the month, and have noticed an improvement there as well. 

Overall, I’m happy with the results so far and enjoying including it within my existing routine. I’ve already lined it up as my go-to saviour product to help rebalance my skin’s barrier when I’ve tried one too many new actives!

Shop the Synergie Skin range online here or find a stockist near you.

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Synergie Skin
At Synergie Skin, our active skincare range was developed for the professional market and chosen by skin clinicians and practitioners around the world. Now, we are proud to provide our products directly to you. Results-driven skincare starts with Clean Science, and that’s why we pioneered it. We take the very best of science and nature and combine the two in synergy to create highly effective, evidence-based, skincare for long-term results. Your skin is unique, and we believe in the importance of a targeted skincare routine, making it our mission to create products that address all skin concerns and make you feel truly confident in your skin at every age.