If you're a new mum feeling extra isolated right now, Sylvia Jeffreys wants you to reach out.

In this time of uncertainty, many of us are feeling overwhelmed.

Whether that be because you’re working from home, trying to juggle a career and look after the kids or have recently become a parent, everyone, for some reason or another, feels uneasy.

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For new mums, this should be an important and exciting time with your newborn. But as mothers groups are cancelled out of necessity and public places such as cafes and restaurants are increasingly avoided thanks to the need to socially distance, many have been left feeling isolated.

Today Extra co-host and new mum Sylvia Jeffreys knows that feeling. And she wants to remind you that you’re not alone.

Jeffreys, who gave birth to her first child Oscar with husband Peter Stefanovic back in February,  shared a photo of herself and her newborn last night, encouraging new mums to reach out to her and share how they are coping with the changing times.


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Uploading the photo to Instagram, Jeffreys wrote, “While it’s a good time to be living in a little bubble with nowhere to go, I’m conscious of the confusion and anxiety that many new mums might be feeling right now. Mother’s groups – a social lifeline for many – have been cancelled, libraries closed, cafes are being avoided.

“So I just wanted to send some love and virtual hugs to other mamas out there who might be feeling extra isolated. Drop a comment below if you want to connect, chat about reflux, LOL about poonamis, recommend some binge-worthy series, or share your sleep secrets.

“Let’s chat and be kind and stay connected. Big love, from us #togetherathome.”

And plenty of women who are in the same boat responded. Some shared their situations and ways they’re coping, while others gave great recommendations on what to watch to pass the time.

One mum wrote, “I am LOVING our little bubble, and our little girl is five weeks old tomorrow. I suppose I’ll get back to more regular admin and Insta next week. Haha.

“In the meantime, our days comprise of; keeping a tiny human alive, staring lovingly at aforementioned tiny human, looking at photos of tiny human when she is sleeping and talking about our tiny human.”

And another shared, “I had my second baby on the 5th March and am at stuck at home post caesarean anyway. Not looking forward to the long haul isolation but have some amazing friends just a message away for a little company.”

“You NEED to watch The Letdown on Netflix – it’s a must for all new mums,” shared one follower.

Another recommended, “Good Girls (Netflix) Claws (Stan) Billions (Stan) and Ozark (Netflix).”

So, if you’re a new mum and need someone to chat to or even just want to have a read of what others are doing, head to Sylvia Jeffreys Instagram. Because you’re not alone.

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