Sylvia Jeffreys made an awkward slip of the tongue discussing her 'divisive' Logies dress.

There were plenty of headline-grabbing dresses at the 2017 Logies (Gorgi Coghlan’s tulle extravaganza, anyone?). But perhaps the most talked-about frock of the night belonged to Channel 9’s Sylvia Jeffreys.

In case you missed all the hoo-ha about the Rebecca Vallance-designed gown, let’s just say it was was flesh-pink and it had folds…

I think you can appreciate where this might be going.

Yep, it wasn’t long at all before viewers and tabloids dubbed the gown ‘the vagina dress’.

The comparison might not exactly be anatomically correct, but we see what they meant.

And so did the Today journalist.

“I should apologise, apparently a few people are in a flap over it this morning,” she said on air.

“There have been some unflattering comparisons. Nothing controversial intended.”

But the 31-year-old’s use of the word ‘flap’ was all a bit much for her sleep-deprived co-hosts.

Karl Stefanovic buried his face in his hands as he dissolved into giggles. Lisa Wilkinson tried to hide her smirk behind hers. And Tim Gilbert sheepishly bit his knuckle.

sylvia jeffreys logies vagina dress
'In a what?' Image: Channel 9.

Through laughter Jeffreys pointed out that it was an original piece created from the leftover fabric from the dresses her bridesmaids wore at her recent wedding to fellow journalist, Peter Stefanovic.

"I wouldn't think there was anything controversial about a ruffle, but there you go," she added.

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When later asked whether she'd been offended by the coverage, Jeffreys said, "you can't hurt my feelings".

"I loved wearing that dress, I loved every single moment of it. Like I said haters are going to hate and I am going to shake it all off," she said.

"I think two or three people made the comparison on Instagram and the newspapers went ahead and ran with it because Sylvia wears nice pink dress isn't a good headline."

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