All of the unknown details of Sylvia Jeffreys' engagement ring.

Today Show co-host Sylvia Jeffreys returned to work this morning, after spending the last few weeks travelling around Europe with her now-fiancé, journalist Peter Stefanovic.

The pair shared the news of their engagement last week on social media, looking exceptionally happy – which was unsurprising given that they were pictured standing in front of a CASTLE and looking like they’d walked off the set of a goddamn fairy tale.


Jeffreys recounted the story of her engagement on the Channel Nine breakfast show’s panel, saying that the proposal in France took her completely by surprise.

But, like any good friend, Lisa Wilkinson encouraged Jeffreys to flaunt the ring to the cameras, and thank God – because we got some rather interesting details.

Stefanovic collaborated with Patrick Nader of Nader Jewellers to design the perfect ring for Jeffreys. And Nader has quite an unconventional method of finding the right cut for the individual.

He studies their social media accounts.

Nader says by regularly examining his client’s social media profiles (his past clients include Jesinta Campbell and Buddy Franklin, and Anthony Minichiello and his wife Terry Biviano), he gains an understanding of their personality and style.  

Lisa Wilkinson is the friend we all need. Image via Channel Nine.
The Daily Mail

"She has beautiful long fingers, quite slim. I thought the oval shape and diamonds suited her hand type."

"We can help clients go around social media, get some background on the person, what kind of style they're into," Nader continued.

"And with the experience that comes with being in the industry for over 25 years, you get a feel for what every particular customer would like. You have an idea."

  A close up of Sylvia's ring from the Today Show this morning. Image via Channel Nine.

Of course, the benefit of relying on Nader's research and expertise for choosing the perfect ring is that you don't have to ask your partner directly.

"When you keep the element of surprise, we find that it's always more romantic," Nader told The Daily Mail.

"Peter did not want to ask her about anything because he wanted to surprise her."


Nader's work with Peter Stefanovic was apparently very similar to his work with Buddy Franklin for Jesinta Campbell's ring.

"They know their partners, but they needed help deciding what sort of ring they wanted," he said.

"They pretty much put a lot of trust in me to get that right. So, I'm doing all this cross-reference, drawing designs, sending them back and forth to make sure they're happy with everything"


"I don't want me to be the only one that picks it, I want them to find the ring that they love as well."

Studying people's social media accounts for an insight into the type of engagement ring they'll love is an interesting approach. But Nader, we've got to hand it to you -  it seems to work.

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