"It needs to stop." Sylvia Jeffreys takes aim at Delta Goodrem's 'haters'.

Journalist and television news presenter Sylvia Jeffreys has hit out at critics for the “disgusting abuse” of Australian pop star Delta Goodrem.

“I don’t often give much weight to the senseless hate I read online,” the Today newsreader wrote for Nine Honey.

“But something has upset me so much this week that I feel compelled to address it.”

The beginning of the week saw hate and vitriol spread through social media after Goodrem, in the first episode of Seasons 12 of The Voice, enthusiastically danced in her seat and pressed the red buzzer with her foot during the audition process. (A travesty, apparently.)

“I’ve read comments that are downright abusive, threatening and intimidating. It needs to stop now,” Jeffreys wrote.

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“I understand that we are a nation of quiet achievers. We celebrate the underdog and pride ourselves on our self-deprecating humour. And sometimes, Delta shows more oomph than some can hack. Well, newsflash! She works in showbiz.”

Jeffreys pointed out that if Goodrem didn’t show her ‘oomph’, we’d likely criticise her for being “boring” or “even worse, vanilla”.


“Allow me to explain why Delta Goodrem is, in fact, everything we should want an Aussie superstar to be,” Jeffreys wrote.

“Aside from her undeniable, indisputable talent, Delta is supremely kind. She radiates warmth and makes everyone in her presence feel like a dear friend. If any of these internet haters came face to face with Delta, they would melt into a pathetic little puddle of regret.”

Delta Goodrem and Sylvia Jeffreys at the Logies. (Getty).

The 31-year-old television presenter gave readers an example of Goodrem's kindness, one she witnessed first hand at last year's Logies Awards in Melbourne.

"As the ceremony drew to a close and I walked back to my room, I passed an impromptu Delta Goodrem concert on the steps of The Crown Atrium," Jeffreys wrote.

"There she was, sitting at her piano, surrounded by adoring fans, belting out her brand new song. She had already performed on stage during the official event. But this was just for them, her fans, who’d waited loyally for hours by the steps in the hope of a passing selfie.

"They got a whole lot more when she asked her team to bring the piano to them. No fan would go home disappointed."