STORMAGEDDON: Sydney is under attack from above.

How good is Summer? Zooper doopers in the fridge, thongs on your feet and that nice sea breeze in your hair.

It’s all well and good until that gentle harbour breeze decides to completely LOSE ITS MIND.

With hail the size of jagged, deadly golf balls and an actual TORNADO, well done to everyone who packed a jacket this morning. Condolences to everyone who forgot their emergency cardigans.


Nowhere is safe. Westfield Bondi Junction has been evacuated and it is raining inside people. YOU CAN’T EVEN SHOP SAFELY ANYMORE.


Where is Twister chaser Helen Hunt when you need her?


Kurnell tornado! #tornado #storm @triplemsydney   A video posted by Andrew ‘Mongen’ McGregor (@andymacfotos) on

Let’s all take a moment to think about this guy, who was told that Sydney was fun in the summertime. Sorry, dude.


Come to Sydney they said it will be warm and sunny. Stuck in a tornado in Bronte.


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Seasons, huh? Who needs them?