These two young Swans fans have provided a friendship moment to lift your heart.

Sitting in the stands at the Sydney Swans’ recent clash with Carlton, spectator Jonathan Drennan overheard something “beautiful”.

Nearby, a young boy was commentating the game, play-by-play, for a visually impaired friend sitting alongside him.

It was a moment too touching not to share, and so the Irishman tweeted:

“Heard something beautiful at the Sydney Swans game tonight,” he began.

The tweet captured national headlines, and a search was mounted for the young football fans.

“We love this and are trying to track down these boys,” the Swans appealed on social media. “They were in the Noble Stand Bay 45. If anyone can help us find them please get in touch!”

And find them they did. Jarryd Haines, 12, and Mark Smith, 13.

sydney swans fan commentated game for blind friend
Image: supplied.

Mark lost his vision four years ago due to cancers in his brain and spine, but still enjoys attending AFL games for the sounds and sensations in the stands.

“We were giving Mark something so he could listen to the commentary off Triple M, and that didn’t work in the second quarter," Jarryd said. "So I just decided to call the game for him."

That simple gesture saw the pair receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the SCG last week, where they got to meet the Swans players and have a kick around on the hallowed turf.

"It's been amazing!" Mark said. "I've met all the players, and I loved it."

Drennan also got to join in.

"Here we are at the SCG with two amazing boys," he said. “It just shows you the power of social media and the power of football and the football community.”