Elly Chen had been working at the cafe for only 6 days.

She was filmed running for her life, her hands in the air and a look of terror on her face. Elly Chen was the fifth hostage to emerge from Martin Place’s Lindt cafe on Monday afternoon. She had only been working there for six days.

The 22-year-old waitress and barista, who had been working a regular Monday morning shift before the siege began, was filmed running out the door to the cafe as police waited to bring her to safety.

Footage of the moment Elly Chen emerged from the Lindt cafe was broadcast live around the world.

According to her Facebook page, Elly has studied at the University of NSW since 2011, after graduating from Presbyterian Ladies College in 2010 with an ATAR of 99.25. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce in Actuarial Studies and Finance and is a talented swimmer and tennis player.

“I’m so glad your safe,” Elly’s sister Nicole Chen posted on her Facebook wall after the young woman got out of the building.

Other messages of support have since flooded Elly’s page, echoing sentiments of love and relief at the young woman’s safe release:

“Omg Elly!!! So happy to see you’re ok. Today must’ve been difficult for you. Please take a breather.”

“Heard on news just now – Glad you’re safe, it must have been an insane time you gone through. Praying for peace.”

“My goodness… I’m so glad you’re safe.”

A friend of Elly’s, Bee Doyle, told The Daily Telegraph: “I saw the wonderful footage that Elly has escaped or has been released. Gosh, what a relief.”

Police have still not revealed if Elly and her fellow Lindt cafe colleague escaped or were released by the gunman when they emerged from the cafe shortly after 5pm.

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