What we know about the XPT train from Sydney to Melbourne that derailed.

– With AAP.

At the time of writing, two people have died after the Sydney to Melbourne XPT train derailed in Victoria earlier this evening. Reportedly, the train driver is one of the two deceased.

The Country Fire Authority said five carriages derailed near Wallan station, 45km north of Melbourne, on the North East line about 7.50pm on Thursday.

Emergency services are on their way to the scene and the rail lines between Melbourne and Sydney have been closed.

At least three helicopters have been deployed to a scene CFA described as “very chaotic at this stage.”


It is not yet clear how the train derailed.

Passenger Rob Jennings said to The Age, “It just veered off, and all the carriages smashed into one another,” he said.

“People were tossing around … there was some screaming – everyone was just grasping on, some in the brace position, preparing for the possibility of something worse.”

All passengers who were able to walk from the train have been taken to the Wallan McDonald’s and BP Truckstore area, which is being used as a triage centre.

Feature image: Twitter/Dr Scott Rickard/@Rickard_Scott