"To my seven year old: You didn't say 'I'm bored' once today. Thank you."

Sydney Kings Basketball
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I love my daughter Summer. She’s smart, feisty, high energy and so incredibly funny. Just last week she told me that she was going upstairs to find some more adjectives so she could really explain just how much she loves my outfit for work.

Though she is all these things, there is one thing she does that exhausts me to the core – she can’t sit still for longer than 10 minutes. On a weekend she will get up early for basketball training or nippers, which she loves, but as soon as she’s home, it starts.

She will colour in, then move to read, then undress her Barbies, then play teachers on the whiteboard, then she’ll eat something and then she says what I always know is coming – “I’m booooored” (in that drawn out whiny tone that most of us are very familiar with).

My hubby and I were at a loss a few Sundays ago. It was midday and the weather wasn’t the best, not to mention we had already been to the park and out for lunch. “Can we go play basketball Dad?” she asked from behind our tired bodies.

And just like a slow motion move from The Matrix, Hubby turned, face lit up and replied “How about we go one better? Wanna go watch the basketball for real?” Summer’s face exploded in a bunch of nods, and yeses.

We had this secretly pre-planned, of course. We grabbed our tickets and went to watch the mighty Sydney Kings take on the New Zealand Breakers, fingers crossed behind my back that this would hold her attention and alleviate her boredom.

Sydney Kings
A grand entrance indeed. Image: supplied

As we arrived at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, and right from the get-go she was into it. Summer barrelled straight toward an area outside the stadium with a jumping castle and a basketball hoop game, which she tried over and over again with the hubby.

She stared in awe at a display of basketball shoes by legends such as Lebron James and Michael Jordan, and then got in the Kings spirit with some patriotic face paint. So far, no "I'm bored" yet.


Entering the stadium, the Sydney Kings Harlequins cheerleaders met her with a smile and let her try their pom-poms and got together for a photo. We lined up for a photo on the HUGE Sydney Kings throne, which was perfect for the queen of my household!

sydney kings
Three very clear signs of no boredom: The inflatable hoop, the throne and the game itself. Image: supplied

Of course, the hubby just had to have a big blow-up finger that Sum couldn’t wait to poke around in the crowd. No poking people, Sum. Upwards only!

Finding our seats, the Sydney Uni Flames were finishing up their game against the Bendigo Spirit. Watching the women run around the court was inspiring for Summer to see as most of the kids at her basketball training are boys (we'll come back for one of their matches for sure). She saw some great shots made and even whispered in my ear "I’m gonna try that next week at training".

The anticipation in the air was amazing. Before the game, the Harlequins danced, both teams warmed up and the commentator Mike Goldman (remember him from Big Brother?) interacted with the crowd on the big screen.

Fire! Even mum's excited. Image: supplied.

Summer's eye lit up as the Kings mascot Lion pulled the sword from the stone, announcing that the Kings had arrived. The streams of fire pouring from the stage lit the stadium up and had fans going crazy - Summer was pointing her giant finger all over the place.

The Kings even have this nice little app that when the lights go off, you turn your App on and it flicks yellow and purple, turning the stadium into a sea of flashing lights.

Then the game commenced. From tip-off to the final second of the fourth quarter, Summer was in absorbed in everything. Her DE-FENCE chant was on point, she heckled the opposition when they set up for free throws (if they miss two in a row, the whole crowd gets Hungry Jacks!) and participated in every dance, song and competition they fired onto the big screen. We were treated to a host of slam dunks, which had hubby on his seat and Summer literally didn’t ask me for anything - apart from asking players' names!

sydney kings
Eyes peeled to the court. Image: supplied

The set-up of the Kings game, from start to finish, is genius. From the minute we arrived, Summer was just in the moment. Yes, you're there for the game and the local and overseas talent on the court, but the music and activities are just as fun.


Everyone in our family loved it - and Summer never once uttered the B word. The cherry on top? The Kings came out victorious!

Now we have to get used to another set of words Summer's taken to saying lately - "Can we go watch the Kings this weekend?"

Tickets to the Sydney Kings' summer season are available now. Offers include $27 Bronze Family tickets on the December 6 game against the Perth Wildcats, and $27 Bronze Family tickets to the December 23 Christmas game against Melbourne United. Three-game School Holiday Memberships start at just $36 for juniors and $192 for families of four. Regular tickets start from $15.

What's a day at the basketball really like? Take a look:

Video via Sydney Kings

This content was brought to you with thanks by our brand partner, Sydney Kings Basketball.

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Sydney Kings Basketball

The Sydney Kings hit the court at Qudos Bank Arena until the 16th February with 6 games during the Summer school holidays.

New King Andrew Bogut leads a star-studded squad, including the return of 2017-18 Kings MVP Jerome Randle, and under the guidance of basketball legend and Head Coach Andrew Gaze.

The Kings also bring in sharp shooter Daniel Kickert to join Kevin Lisch and Brad Newley as three of Australia's talented Boomers who suit up in the purple and gold.

Join in the fun and experience Sydneys best summer sport experience these school holidays.