Everything we know about the story of the Sydney dad being investigated over a home intruder's death.

Johan Schwartz, 44, reportedly woke on Sunday morning to his dogs barking at his Harrington Park home in Sydney’s south west.

It’s understood at 7.30am, he left his partner and baby in the room as he went to investigate, finding his house had been trashed.

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The business analyst was involved in a struggle with the intruder, and the man died as a result. It’s understood he held the intruder in a choke hold while emergency services were called.

“He challenged a male intruder located in the lounge room and a struggle ensued,” is how Detective Inspector Shane Woolbank described the altercation.

“As a result of that struggle, the male intruder has collapsed and become unconscious,” he continued.

Neighbours performed CPR on the 35-year-old intruder and paramedics were called. But the man died at the scene.

Those very neighbours had seen the man running around the housing estate prior to Mr Schwartz finding him in his home. He reportedly slipped in through the open garage door.

“He was breathing and mumbling to himself,” Domenic Lombardo told The Daily Telegraph.

“I noticed his bare feet…it was strange,” another local told Network Ten.

The intruder has since been identified as Sydney personal trainer and weightlifter Bradley Soper.

He owns his own gym in Narellen and even won “Asia’s strongest man” in 2017, and his friends are baffled.

Brad Soper
Brad Soper, 35, died after breaking into the Schwartz home in the early hours of the morning.

They've described him as "an awesome man, a gentleman and hardworking."


Detectives say Mr Schwartz was entitled to use "reasonable force" to protect his family. He was taken to the police station and interrogated for more than 10 hours about the details of the incident before being released "pending inquiries."

By the wording of the police statement, you can tell Mr Schwartz is in a state of shock.

"Like any incident that involves the death of a person it has affected [Mr Schwartz] but he is cooperating," said Detective Woolbank.

They're currently waiting for an autopsy to determine exactly how the man died, which will be crucial for determining detectives' next steps.

In the meantime Mr Schwartz is facing an agonising wait - will he be charged over the death of a man who broke into his home in the early hours of the morning?

If it's found Ms Soper died from excessive force, Mr Schwartz will likely be charged with murder or manslaughter.

Three years ago, Benjamin Battheram was charged, over a similar incident.

A man broke into his Newcastle home, and the 38-year-old chef was charged with killing him. He remains on bail as he awaits a trial in November.

Mr Batterham allegedly found Ricky-Slater-Dickson inside his young daughter's bedroom before chasing his down and restraining him. The man lost consciousness and died in hospital.

Mr Schwartz could very well find himself in a similar position.

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