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Suellen is a suburban grandma from Sydney. She's also the head of a family drug syndicate.

Suellen Cryer is a suburban grandma from Sydney’s eastern suburbs. She’s also the head of a family-run drug syndicate.

Court documents obtained by the Daily Telegraph show the 64-year-old allegedly recruited her daughter and son-in-law into the drug operation which saw the trio collecting up to 30 bags of cocaine a night from a Darlinghurst couple for distribution along NSW’s north shore and eastern beaches.

Police will allege Hope Martyn, 39, and David Martyn, 45, worked with Cryer to run the weekly drug operation.

Ferrying cocaine from the home of Kathryn Pearson, 37, and her partner Nicholas Townsend, 36, the group transported the drugs in clear, resealable bags hidden in the silicone tubes of rental cars from Thursday or Friday nights until Sunday mornings while another family member kept watch of the Martyns’ two-year-old twin sons.

Using multiple rental cars to remain undetected, the tight-knit family allegedly worked with Pearson and Townsend in the six-month operation in 2016.

Arrested by Kings Cross detectives in November, 2016, the entire group remain on bail charged with a number of drug-related offences including knowingly directing and participating in a criminal group and supplying drugs on an ongoing basis.

The tight-knit family ferried up to 30 bags of cocaine a night up NSW's north shore and eastern beaches. (Image: Facebook)

Police began investigating the alleged drug syndicate after finding drug paraphernalia, ­cocaine, methamphetamine, ketamine and almost $75,000 cash hidden in the silicone tubes in a car in Darlinghurst last year.

This is not the first drug-related offence for the Sydney grandmother, who was arrested for drug trafficking in 2006.

The former veteran Qantas flight attendant was found to be smuggling cocaine onto international flights in her bra.

The group are next expected to face Central Local Court on October 3.