The 11 best beauty looks we've spotted at Fashion Week in Sydney.

Now Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is in full swing, our mental shopping cart is close to overflowing.

There are just two problems. Firstly, our bank accounts are sadly nowhere near as full; and secondly, there’s only so many places you can feasibly wear a gold lamé Maticevski ballgown.

Fortunately, there have been some killer hair and beauty looks sent down the runway for us to swoon over instead. Even better? They’re totally wearable. Here are the 11 we’ll be trying this weekend.

1. Red lips

After seasons of obsessing over orange and pink shades, Rebecca Vallance has joined Taylor Swift in reminding us just why that red lip is such a classic.

Paired with glowing skin and just-brushed brows, it’s the best kind of striking. Add a tiny dust of highlighter to your cupid’s bow for extra pop.

A model at the Rebecca Vallance show. Image: Getty

2. Glitter

Your standard ponytail? Gone, dead and buried — we're all about the glitter dipped updo as seen at the Swarovski show now. Practical? Maybe not, but so very sassy.

A model at the Swarovski show. Image: Getty

Watch: Highlights from the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival earlier this year. (Post continues after video.)

3. Natural brows

The thought of spending hours styling your hairy caterpillars into 'on fleek' Instagram brows fill you with horror? Us too, which is why we're all about these natural grown-out eyebrows at Yeojin Bae.

A model at the Yeojin Bae show. Image: Getty

4. Plum lips

The fishing line we'll leave, but the plum lip and metallic eye combo seen as Zhivago is a winner.

A model at the Zhivago show. Image: Getty

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5. Bouncy hair

MacGraw giving us major Kate Middleton vibes. So shiny.

A model at the MacGraw show. Image: Getty

6. Dramatic cat eye

Extend those wings above and beyond.

A model at the Swarovski show. Image: Getty

7. Sweaty-looking skin

The quickest hack for dewy skin? Embracing your post-exercise glow (and no, not the red-faced expression we have just after spin class).

A model at the Dion Lee show. Image: Getty

8. Quiffed ponytail

Looking to update your ponytail game? It's all about that crown height.

A model at the Bec & Bridge show. Image: Getty

9. The new smokey eye

Dark and broody with a sneaky stripe of silver, only revealed when the eyes are shut. Brilliant.

A model at the Misha Collection show. Image: Getty

10. Centre part

Yep, part it and slick it back.

A model at the Rebecca Vallance show. Image: Getty

11. Messy hair

Not a dab hand when it comes to fancy hairstyles? No worries - backstage at Maticevski, it was the messier the better.

Models at the Mercedes-Benz Presents Maticevski show. Image: Getty

What's your favourite Fashion Week look so far?

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