Wondery has dropped Sword and Scale after Mike Boudet's derogatory comments about women.

Sword and Scale podcast host Mike Boudet has been fired by podcasting company Wondery.

Boudet, who has been hosting the successful bi-weekly true crime podcast known as S&S since 2014, was let go from Wondery on Saturday.

“We have decided to part ways with Mike Boudet and Sword and Scale,” the podcast company tweeted on Saturday.

Although it is unclear exactly why Wondery decided to part ways with Boudet and Sword and Scale, it could have had something to do with an now-deleted offensive Instagram post the true crime podcast host shared on Friday, International Women’s Day.


The Instagram post read: “I don’t understand dumb c—-. Maybe I should take one apart to see how it works,” The Wrap reports.

Boudet responded to Wondery’s decision to drop him and his podcast from their platform in a Soundcloud file, saying Sword and Scale will move to its own platform behind a paywall.

“Right now as it stands, this is the end. We’ll keep putting out Plus episodes on Patreon, until we move to our own platform and then continue putting out episodes, behind that paywall,” Boudet said, The Wrap reports.

Boudet’s sacking comes after a particularly controversial year for the Sword and Scale host.

In 2018, Sword and Scale fans began boycotting the podcast after Boudet made revolting comments about a female fan.

S&S listener Julieanna Pinto sent Boudet a tweet asking him to cover her death on the podcast if anything ever happened to her in April, 2018. Boudet responded with “And she died of mild heart disease and a high-cholesterol diet” – a comment seemingly aimed at Julieanna’s appearance.

mike boudet sword and scale
A screenshot of the offensive tweet. Image: Twitter.

Mamamia reached out to Boudet for comment at the time. He responded: "In regards to the woman who felt offended by my comment online I very much regret my dumb joke. I apologized (sic) and took myself off of social media indefinitely.  However, my apology should still be up on my social media accounts."

This was not the first time Boudet's behaviour towards his female fans sparked outrage.

Mamamia previously reported on Boudet's predatory, and downright creepy, comments towards female fans. From inappropriate advances to straight up requesting nudes, Boudet swiftly blocked anyone who raised concerns about his behaviour.

Sword and Scale has also faced backlash over the years for the use of 911 calls and Boudet's handling of sensitive topics such as mental illness. While other true crime podcasts have also used 911 call audio in their production (Last Podcast On The Left and Generation Why to name two large examples), S&S has been accused of using the audio gratuitously – opting to include entire phone calls without any censorship or permission from the people involved, including those involving victims and children.


There is no re-release date for when Sword and Scale will start production independently.

You can read more about Sword and Scale and the accusations made against Mike Boudet in our previous cover story here.

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