Switching home loans may seem like an enormous task. But here’s why it pays to give it a go.

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I still remember the day I got my first home loan.

I was so excited. All those years of working and saving and I was a home owner. There’s never been a bigger thrill. I was a little worried about taking on such a huge debt but it was a “good debt,” an investment for the future.

I took a deep breath, picked up my keys and set about decorating my new place until the walls were painted the exact shade I wanted them to be, the rugs were the perfect size for each room and the furniture was in the best arrangement possible to make use of the space. I spent A LOT of time in “Home Maker” centres.

Of course the thrill fades once it’s all done and you just move on with life. We get used to making our mortgage payments and settle in for the long haul. Most of us don’t think about our home loans beyond making the required payments, not realising that if we put some thought into it we could potentially save thousands of dollars.

switching home loans
“Of course the thrill fades once it’s all done and you just move on with life.” Image via iStock.

We constantly rethink other bills like health insurance, phone bills and energy bills, so why not our home loans? It’s our biggest expense so we should make sure it’s the right deal for us. Choice Home Loan provides a Home Loan Health Check to make sure your home loan is the right one for you, right now.

There are so many great deals out there for you that and the brokers at Choice give you some great options.

Choice Home Loans aims to make the process as easy as possible by doing all of the leg work for you — and there’s a bonus. If you contact Choice Home Loans to have a Home Loan Health Check you go into the draw to win $10,000 cash (terms and conditions apply, find out more:

Before you think about making a move here are some things worth considering about your current Home Loan:

How long will it take for you to pay off your loan?

How much interest will you end up paying?

Can you manage the repayments comfortably?


How often do you have to make a payment?

switching home loans
“Before you think about making a move here are some things worth considering about your current Home Loan.” Image via iStock.

No matter what your concerns are, a Choice Home Loans mortgage broker can help you out. The great thing about a home loan broker is that they already know about all of the home loan deals out there. It’s their job to stay on top of these things. All you need to do is tell them what you are looking for.

If you are happy with your current home loan, there are so many other ways Choice can help you. It may be time to buy a bigger home, or downsize depending on your family situation. You might be considering renovating your current home. Choice can help with that too.

Once they’ve addressed your initial needs, your Choice Home Loans broker will stay in touch to help you stay on track to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. That’s because there is always more you can do to secure your future and it’s their job to bring to you the very latest information on how to make it happen.

Choice Home Loans have been helping people live their dreams of home-ownership for over nine years. They know their stuff. So have a conversation with them today. It could be the best financial decision you’ve ever made.

Do you own a home? How did you save for it? If not, are you planning to?

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