You'll never forget where you were when you learned the "swimsuit model photo trick".

Here’s some good news for any woman who’s ever looked at her own boobs, then looked at the boobs of a swimwear model and thought “how though?”

It’s OK, it’s not real.

Well, it is – but they get a little help from their, erm, bra friends.

You see, swimwear models are usually wearing bras under their bikinis or one-pieces which are then airbrushed out before you see the final photo.

So instead of having normal looking kinda-saggy swimwear boobs, swimwear models look fully supported and, erm, perky AF.

And there’s not a rogue nipple in sight.

Writer Nicole Cliffe, who cofounded feminist website The Toast, shared this boob-changing secret on Twitter this week.

“You never forget where you were when you learned the swimsuit models are wearing bras they airbrush out of the pictures,” she wrote.

“They DON’T have magic boobs that don’t sag or look squished flat. They’re wearing bras,” she added in a follow up tweet.



Cliffe’s tweet has blown the minds – and possibly the bra wires – of women around the world.


So there you have it – your boobs are completely normal and you should head to the beach ASAP.

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