Sweet Magnolias season two is exactly the kind of cheesy wholesomeness we need right now.

Content warning: This article contains minor spoilers for Sweet Magnolias season two.

No disrespect to Australia, but I’d like to move to South Carolina in the United States. Specifically, to a small town called Serenity, where they say "bless your heart" and there are margarita nights with your best friends and everyone is welcome no matter your colour or creed.

Where there’s no racism, no body-shaming, and no homophobia. Where even though everyone knows everyone else’s business and sometimes there’s a bit of drama like cheating husbands, adopted children looking for their birth parents, and parking issues (yes, that is a plot line), everything works out well in the end.

This is the world of Netflix’s drama series Sweet Magnolias, which is back for its second season, and boy oh boy is it a wonderful world indeed.

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Video via Netflix.

It’s easy to see why this charming show, based on a book series by Sherryl Woods, is currently numero uno in Australia. When you’re in Serenity with your best friends Maddie Townsend (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Helen Decatur (Heather Headley), and Dana Sue Sullivan (Brooke Elliott), all the bad stuff from real-life goes away. It’s like, "COVID? What COVID?"

I happened upon Sweet Magnolias in May 2020, back when the words lockdown and social distancing were still new. While I am normally a horror buff, real-life was horrific enough, so I clicked on the show for light relief and something that didn’t require brain cells. I’m so glad I did. Watching season one was the equivalent of a warm hug from a friend – and as we all know, hugs are now few and far in between.

Season two has been just as delightful. It may be almost two years since the first season, but as soon as you hear the opening bars of the theme song 'Destination' by Nickel Creek: "You don’t owe me one more minute of your wasted time," you can’t help but smile. You’re back in familiar territory, cocooned in a blanket of comfort.

It’s just a really happy show, okay?

In Serenity, everyone is a friend. Image: Netflix.


This new season adds a few more layers to the world of Sweet Magnolias: Maddie’s partner Coach Cal has a few past demons to contend with, her kids are dealing with conflicts of their own, her nemesis Mary Vaughn is causing havoc as usual, Helen has motherhood on her mind (as well as a new romance), Dana Sue is caught in a love triangle, and her daughter Annie is falling for the "bad boy".

One of the best things about Sweet Magnolias is its small-town feel. Everyone seemingly goes to church on Sundays and if you’re not there, they sure as hell (pun intended) notice. Everyone has a porch with lots of nice furniture where you sit and drink iced tea. There appears to be only one person per profession: Helen is the lawyer, Dana Sue is the chef (also, there is only one restaurant?), Peggy Martin is the journalist, June Wilkes is the pastor, and so on. Sure it’s implausible, but it’s Serenity and anything is possible.

So grab your best gal friends, make some margaritas and POUR IT OUT.

Bless your heart.

POUR IT OUT, LADIES. Image: Netflix.

Feature Image: Netflix. 

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