And the princess bride was serenaded with Umbrella... It's the royal wedding of the future.

It’s truly a modern fairytale.

A handsome prince married his beautiful reality-TV starlet bride on Saturday.

Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip, 36, wed Sofia Hellqvist, 30, before a crowd that sparkled with the precious jewels attached to crowns belonging to royalty from England, Japan and the Netherlands.

The Prince, sporting some fashionable facial hair and full princely regalia looked pretty damn nervous, and managed to royally cock up the ring exchange by failing to get the thing on his bride’s finger.

Sweden’s really annoyingly beautiful newlyweds. Image via Getty.

The music as the bride walked down the aisle sounded like something out of a Nordic soap opera, but was actually, I am reliably informed by the BBC, a version of the Coldplay song Fix You. The lyrics to this next song were then read out to the couple by a priest.

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The only reason I believe this next piece of glorious information is because the BBC is reporting it.

“…the newly weds were then serenaded by a man singing a Swedish version of the song Umbrella by Rihanna.”

Learnings from the royal wedding: They LOVE Coldplay and think Rihanna songs are the height of romance. Image via Getty.

The former Sofia Hellqvist met her prince in a restaurant in 2010 and the two became an item shortly after.

The Swedish press was gleeful about Hellqvist’s past, which included starring on a reality show for sexy singles called Paradise Hotel, and posing for a men’s mag wearing only a boa constrictor. Oh, and she has tattoos. SCANDALOUS!

Boa constrictors are the new black.

The royals have chosen to focus on their new member’s charity work instead.

She co-founded a charity called Project Playground that helps kids in South Africa.

Prince Carl Philip is third in line to the throne, behind his sister Princess Victoria and her daughter Estelle, 3.

The Prince’s naval-style hat is adorable. Princess Sofia’s royal wave is coming along nicely. Image via Getty.

“Today I am the happiest man in the world,” Carl Philip said in a speech after the ceremony. “Sofia, you fill my life with love and happiness. With your love I will be able to overcome all challenges. Dear Sofia, I love you.”

With Hellqvist’s experience and the Prince’s dashing good looks, this union is ripe for a reality show. The Prince and the Pin-upSweden’s Got Royalty? I’ll keep working on it.

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