Wait. Did that Barbie doll just say what I think she said?


This is one thing you wouldn’t expect to hear from a Barbie Doll.

You’re out shopping. Your daughter picks up a pretty, packaged Barbie Doll and pleads with you to buy it. You agree. Your daughter gets her new toy home and immediately takes it out of its box.

She begins to play with it and then, you clearly hear the Barbie scream out “What the fuck?”

Sounds like a nightmare, right?

Well this is what happened to Talina Evans, 25, and her daughter Demileigh, 7. Talina was so shocked by her daughter’s swearing Barbie that she promptly tried to return it to her local Home Bargains store. But they refused the return of the Mattel product, as she didn’t have her receipt.

Click on the video below to hear what the Barbie Doll says:

“We’ve taken it off her now. We just told her that the doll had been bad and was swearing so it had to go. She was disappointed, of course, but she understood that it is wrong to swear and so the doll had to go,” Talina told the UK’s Daily Mirror.

“I think it’s very irresponsible of the toy company – they know that children are going to be playing with these toys. I’m not the only one who has heard it. You can hear it loud and clear, it definitely says ‘what the f***’,” Talina went on to say.

Mattel confirms the matter is being investigated.

Do you think the Barbie doll swears?

This post originally appeared on iVillage and has been republished here with full permission.