CULT BUY: The perfect special occasion gift for the tween and teen girl in your life.

If you thought buying presents for men was difficult, try nailing a special gift for a tween girl.

It’s a challenge to find something age appropriate but not babyish, and something they’ll treasure long term but won’t make them roll their eyes right now.

Finally, a gift they won’t have to fake excitement for. OMG.

You might not think that Swarovski is a brand that would cater to young girls but oh have we got good news for you.

The Humorist range is full of fun, funky, fashionable pieces that are great for girls aged 10-20+.


This range is part of the Swarovski Asia collection which features earrings, necklaces and bracelets with sparkly emoji and text speak detailing. So cool right now (if cool was a word that was, you know, cool).

Emoji earrings get the bling treatment. Image: Swarovski

The earrings and bracelets sit at $99, while the pendants are a little more exxy at $149 each.

The bracelets are also part of the remix collection and are available in gold, silver and rose gold, designed to be mixed and matched with different metals.

They're great for gifts from adults or even as a special group present for your child's friend when you've got no idea where to start.

Available online and in store, you won't be seeing the *eye roll* emoji when the girl in your life unwraps these gems.

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Any other gift suggestions for tweens and teens? What about boys?

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