In 2015, Suzi Taylor starred on The Block. Now she's in prison charged with extorting a Tinder date.

Real estate agent, mother-of-three and former The Block contestant, Suzi Taylor, has been denied bail for allegedly extorting her Tinder date and holding him against his will.

The 49-year-old will likely remain behind bars inside Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre until at least December as she awaits trial, after a magistrate said the risk of her re-offending was ‘unacceptable’ reports Daily Mail.

Last week, Queensland police confirmed a 33-year-old man attended a home in Brisbane just after midnight on Wednesday, October 30. Once inside it’s alleged Taylor demanded money from him.

Here’s a peek at one of the reveals from this season of The Block. Post continues after video.

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“When the man didn’t comply, another man allegedly entered the room and assaulted the 33-year-old man and held him against his will,” police said in a statement on Thursday.

“The woman also allegedly assaulted the man before the pair forced the man to undertake an online transaction. The pair then allegedly stole his bank card and withdrew a sum of money,” the statement continued.

Both Taylor and 22-year-old Ali Ebrahimi faced court on Friday over charges of not just extortion, but deprivation of liberty, assault occasioning bodily harm, and possessing dangerous drugs.

The prison Taylor’s being held in holds some of the country’s worst female criminals and was revealed last year by the Queensland Ombudsman to be in a state of severe overcrowding.

While on season 11 of The Block in 2015, Susie and her partner Yvonne Cosier won $349,000, with Taylor causing all sorts of drama behind the scenes.

During filming it was revealed she was dating Tim Wise, one of the producers on the show.

Confidential’s insiders initially thought the relationship began out of revenge when Wise’s wife left him for a cameraman who worked on the previous series, but the couple stayed together quite a few months even heading to Thailand for a romantic holiday.


Before the finale aired, Taylor was criticised after explicit photos of her flashing people from a boat after Crown Oaks Day in Melbourne emerged, she was also discovered unconscious on the set of the show just before the open inspections and was taken to hospital suffering from an anxiety attack. reported the collapse was due to “non-stop partying” which is what insiders told the publication, however show producers blamed it on “exhaustion”.

After this incident Taylor and her Channel 9 boyfriend parted ways, however they were seen apparently “rekindling” their relationship the following year before parting for good.

Taylor also apparently hasn’t seen her Block teammate since they finished filming. Cosier says there’s no reason or issue for their lack of communication, only that they “hadn’t crossed paths” reported

the block contestant suzi taylor collapsed
Suzi and her teammate Yvonne on The Block. Image: Ten.

In 2016, Taylor was sacked by her manager apparently because of comments she made at his party, reported the Herald Sun. 

"I feel her behaviour was not in line with somebody I would like to represent. She is a lovely girl and I wish her all the best in the world," he told the publication.

Taylor spilling on her famous ex-boyfriend also had her once again in the media spotlight.

She claims to have been INXS frontman Michael Hutchence's "girl on the Gold Coast".

"We would go to small, private little restaurants and we'd either sit right in the back of the restaurant or we would just stay in the hotel room," she told Daily Mail.

She says the pair met when she was on the Penthouse Pet of the Year cover in 1991.

Suzi Taylor
Suzi Taylor on the cover of Penthouse in 1991. Image: Australian Penthouse.

She also considers Hugh Hefner a friend, having previously visiting the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

The last we heard from Taylor, she had checked herself into a Sydney rehab for alcohol related issues and mental health problems. That was after she went on a "three day party bender" with troubled NRL star Greg Inglis, reported the Gold Coast Bulletin in May 2019.

The publication's source, a friend of Taylor's, said the reality TV star had been struggling with depression for many years and wasn't coping with additional "external pressures and personal family matters".

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