Suzi Taylor reveals what was behind her infamous break-down on The Block.

Infamous contestant on The Block, Suzi Taylor has revealed she became addicted to Stilnox while filming the reality TV show.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, the 44-year-old admitted she had been prescribed the medication for sleeping issues after a relationship ended.

“What people don’t know is that when I was on The Block I was dealing with some personal issues because of my relationship breakdown,” Taylor told the paper.

“I suffered insomnia and had been prescribed Stilnox to help me sleep. I developed anxiety and I became dependent on that medication.”

Have you seen Suzi and Vonni’s audition for The Block? It’s a must-watch. (Post continues after video.)

Taylor also confirmed that the reason she was hospitalised during the show was because she overdosed on the Stilnox.

“I was found unconscious in my bed after taking too many Stilnox and taken to the Alfred [hospital] by ambulance. It was an accident. It was nothing to do with partying.”

Taylor said that her erratic behaviour was caused by the Stilnox, and not by partying.

“A lot of what has been written about me was not true or exaggerated.”

The former reality star also put to bed many other rumours, including her alleged affair with TV presenter, Richard Wilkins.

“I never did an interview about it. Someone took a private conversation and exaggerated it, and totally misconstrued it. It has had a domino effect; that story upset and hurt a lot of people. I have enormous respect for Richard. He’s a wonderful guy.”

Check out what Suzi has been up to lately. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after video.)


Taylor also denied she ever received lenience from producer of The Block, Tim Wise, who she briefly dated.

“We did not get together until after we had finished on The Block. He was also going through a breakup so we had a lot in common. We were friends first. I never got any special treatment.”

When Taylor applied for the show, she did say it was to financially get her through.

“I did it for financial reasons, to set myself and my kids up. It was hard. We worked for 17-hour days for 91 days.

“I put myself out there…I gave them the ammunition and they ran with it. In part I have only myself to balme.

“I look back at some of it and cringe. But when you are living in that Block…you’re not always your best.

“Nine became like a family to me; they were very supportive in a difficult time.”

Taylor has recently taken on a new manager, Stephan Bucknall, to help break into the radio and TV market.

Despite allegedly receiving many offers so far, the two haven’t decided on a new project.

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