Suzi from The Block is in danger of not getting her prize money.

A reality TV star’s humiliation is complete, with news that Suzi Taylor from The Block might not get to take home her $174,500 prize money, because she breached her contract.

Channel Nine has confirmed that they have been talking to Taylor about her media interviews during and after The Block being in violation of her agreement with the company.

So after a truly heartfelt performance – the nudity, the onscreen collapses, the break-ups, the rumoured celebrity boyfriends, the RENOVATING, people – this year’s The Block break-out star might walk away empty-handed. And let’s face it, The Block is the one reality show where contestants feel they are most likely to walk away with a motza. You think all those dusty tears come for free?

Surely, after all Suzi’s DRAMA did to win ratings for that show, it hardly seems fair, does it?

Previously, Mamamia wrote:

Last night, on the nation’s most-watched TV show, a woman made an apology. A fully-fledged mea culpa.

The woman was Suzi Taylor, and it went like this:

“If I’ve caused anyone any embarrassment, I totally regret it. I’ve had a lot of personal issues in my life which I suppose a lot of people do, I’m getting a lot better and I’ve had amazing support and I would just want to say to everyone, I feel for you all. Scotty (Cam), I thank you so much for your support and I’m on the road to recovery and thank you so much for supporting me.”

Suzi is the most-talked about person on the most-recent season of Channel Nine’s monster reality hit The Block. The show has become so popular there now seems to be some version of it – All-Stars, Terraces, Apartments, Houseboats – on at all times of the year, at most times of the day.

Suzi and Vonni, the “Single Mums”.

Suzi and her fellow renovator, Vonni Cossier, were also the only members of the cast this year whose video packages routinely included bikinis. Their role was ‘Single Mums from the Gold Coast’. And obviously, parents from the Gold Coast get around in their swimmers.


Suzi, it was quickly revealed, was also a former model and actress – a Penthouse “Pet”, no less – a real-estate agent and an aspiring pop-star, who had once dated Michael Hutchence. The tabloids took to her as a Party Girl, and her credentials were confirmed when, during the Spring Racing Carnival earlier this month, she was photographed dancing on a boat, both in and out of a tiny pink bikini – showing her breasts, pulling down her bikini bottoms and skolling champagne.

Next, it was conveniently leaked that Suzi had collapsed on the set of The Block after an alleged break-up with Tim Wise – a producer from the show.

And soon after after that one of the show’s regulars, “Foreman” Keith, said she had brought The Block into disrepute.

“I don’t think anybody is happy with it,” he told a News Corp publication. “The Block is a family show. We’re not there to be getting our clothes off and revealing ourselves.

“I’m very disappointed. I like Suzi. (Pressure) obviously got to her. But at the end of the day, we’re a family show, and we don’t like things like that.”

Now, with last night’s mea culpa, Suzi’s public shaming is complete.


She and Vonni will share the $349,000 they made on their apartment last night.


And then Suzi will sail into an immediate future of weekly magazine deals, TV tell-alls and paparazzi stalkers trying to convince her to repeat her boat routine.

She will feature heavily in the side-rail of online tabloids, and she’ll be mercilessly trolled on social media. She’ll probably pose for one of the few remaining men’s magazines before the year is out.

Click through the gallery to see picture of Suzi and Vonni’s completed apartment. 


Suzi deserves more. She deserves more because, despite having to apologise on national TV for being a flawed human being, she has done exactly what she was hired to do during her time on The Block: She has been good talent.

Suzi was not chosen for her renovation skills. She freely admits that before she went on the TV show she had maybe “changed a light bulb”, that she had no idea what a “chippie” was and that she had maybe “put some handles on doors” before.

The Producers of The Block were hoping for from Suzi was not expert renovation, but Great TV. And Great TV needs drama.

Which Suzi provided, in spades.

Watch Suzi’s apology here:

People are not as interested as they once were in renovation shows. After all, we all know what’s going to happen. It’s going to look like they can’t pull it off. And then they are going to pull it off.


Someone is going to make a lot of money, someone will make none. That’s what this show is all about.

Everyone will make the right faces about who did well and who missed out. Most people will cry. Everyone will wonder who the hell spends millions of dollars on apartments built by people who don’t know what they’re doing. The end.

So with the script locked in, the only variables are the talent. And how regularly people will want to hear their stories on A Current Affair.

Suzi has done The Block a service by providing colour and movement that made people take notice of their show. She has done them a further service by being willing to talk about her “issues” on television. She has boosted ratings with her willingness to tell salacious stories about who she used to date and the celebrities she has met and the things she has done to her body.

This is her right. But it’s more than that: It is exactly what she was chosen to do. She’s not a renovation expert – she’s an expert in being interesting. She’s skilled in making a splash. That’s her special talent and she is owning it.

Suzi, you don’t need to apologise. You did exactly what was required of you.

What did you think of Suzi’s apology?

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